A Woman’s Way  to Lead Online Training Program

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Our Mission is to Embody and Nourish Our Natural Feminine Wisdom for the Benefit of All Sentient Beings.

A Woman’s Way  to Lead

This Unique Online Training Program includes:

  • 12 Training Modules packed with inspirational teachings, short instructional videos and guided audios available for your review anytime
  • Accompanying worksheets for feminine practices, personal ceremonies, and Shakti Task Assignments
  • According to your preferences, you may enroll in our Shakti Queen Certification Program* or enjoy our fabulous range of empowering lessons to elevate your personal life to a whole new level of possibility
  • Access our live group webinars where you meet new sisters and hear from the teachers Amara Charles, Shyena Venice and the Shakti Team
  • Membership in a growing community of Shakti Sisters
  • Flexible enrollment, where you can engage with the course based on your preference
  • And so much more!


What you will gain:

Module One
Launching Your Spirit Canoe

Clarifying your Vision as a feminine leader

  • An invitation to join a new circle of empowered sisters.
  • Inspiration and support to clarify your leadership dreams.
  • How to recognize the qualities of a great teacher.
  • Instructions on how to launch your personal leadership goals.
  • Detailed training on how to create your Jade Egg Altar for the 30-Day Jade Egg Dreaming Ceremony.

Module Two
Creating a Team of Allies

Gathering the Three Treasures for nourishing feminine health and vitality.

  • A way to discover and embrace the natural leadership skills you already have.
  • A Shakti training to identify your wheel of inspiring feminine allies.
  • Qigong practices to nourish your Divine Feminine Energy for health and vitality.
  • Support in designing your path to becoming a Shakti Queen leader.

Module Three
Leading with Purpose, Poise, and Pleasure

Actualizing your priorities through pleasure.

  • How to design pleasure into your life as a leader.
  • Inspiration to stay on track with your Daily Practices.
  • An accurate assessment of your leadership progress.
  • Support on creating your Accountability Support Team.

Module Four
Embodying Shakti

Breaking through blocks to success and reach higher frequencies.

  • A method to identify your Sexual Lover’s Type.
  • Insights into your strengths and weaknesses as a Lover and Leader.
  • Training on how to use your Power Stories to teach.
  • Understanding of basic alchemical ritual to create ceremonies and exercises for future groups.

Module Five
Leaders and Lovers

Discovering your Erotic Lover’s Type to hone your natural gifts.

  • Gain insight into your Sexual Lover’s Types and how this effects what type of Leader you are.
  • Learn ways to put your Lover’s Type to Use.
  • Receive support and answers to questions about Lovers and Leadership Types.

Module Six
What to Do About Men?

Leading empowering discussions related to men.

  • Teachings on the instinctual differences between men and women.
  • A ceremony to reflect on your blocks and challenges with the men in your life.
  • Practical tools to identify and strengthen masculine support and allies.
  • Identify the core values and rules of conduct you want to maintain in your circles.
  • Guidance on how to present the values and rules you want your group to follow.
  • Teachings on what to do when someone challenges your authority or drags down the energy of a group.
  • Instructions on leading effective and uplifting women’s circles.

Module Seven
The Twelve Imaginings of the Grandmothers

Using feminine challenges, defeats, and victories to help others grow.

  • Inspiration to align your priorities with Grandmother Earth.
  • Shakti Queen Task Assignments – personal assignments designed to stretch and challenge your abilities and increase your imagination of what is possible.
  • The power of your challenges, defeats, and victories.
  • Effective ways to track your (and your students) progress.
  • Practice presenting with Poise, Power, and Purpose.
  • Training on giving effective guidance to others.

Module Eight
The Twelve Imaginings of the Grandmothers

Feminine Erotic Intelligence: Brain, Breasts, Vagina, and Heart

  • An introduction to Sexual Restoration Practices for Feminine Health and Rejuvenation.
  • Teachings on the health benefits of Shakti Jade Egg and Breast Exercises.
  • Training on presenting Shakti Jade Egg Practices and Yin Way Breast Exercises.

Module Nine
The Mystery of Spirit

Presenting with prowess and compassion.

  • In depth teachings on Spiritual Practices for Women.
  • Guidance on presenting Shakti Jade Egg and Breast Exercises.
  • An introduction to various Tranquility Practices including special healing mantras.
  • Practice, guidance and support for Prowess and Compassion.

Module Ten
The Feminine Way of Actualizing Abundance

Bringing your dream in beauty.

  • Teachings on the Feminine Birthing Wheel of Beauty.
  • Teachings on how to inspire others to actualize their dreams.
  • An assessment of your Shakti Training accomplishments so far.
  • Practical guidance to plan your own project or women’s gathering.
  • Support with real world details for creating new teaching opportunities.

Module Eleven
Walking a Path with Heart

Increasing your attraction as a leader.

  • An introduction to a totally inspiring Goddess Ceremony to embody and celebrate your new dreams.
  • Testing and challenges to fortify your feminine leadership skills.
  • Teachings and tools to empower you to express your victories.
  • Further support and guidance to assist you in realizing your project plans and goals, including financial details to create a new women’s gatherings.

Module Twelve
Walking in Beauty

Celebrating with pleasure.

  • Shakti Queen Teachers Training Program Certificate of Completion.
  • An inspiration into the magical realms of Shakti with confirmation about how she lives – always inside of you.
  • Personal teachings on the Goddess Wheel used in Shakti Queen.
  • Pride in completing what you started.
  • The ability to go out and kick some a$$ in the world.
  • A path forward to realizing any dream you’ll ever have.
  • A celebration amongst kindred Shakti sisters and friends.


About the Teachers

Amara Charles

Amara Charles is a spiritual sexuality educator and author of The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka. She recognizes the intricate process of healing and awakening, unfolding for so many around the planet at this time, and offers retreats as well as private sessions and spiritual direction via Skype and phone. Amara has studied with spiritual teachers and healers the world over, and mined for her soul as an apprentice guide on the Sweet Medicine Path of Turtle Island and at the Wu Tai Shan Monastery in Chine. She is deeply influenced by Shamanic and Buddhist lineages, and is a lover of the world’s great wisdom traditions. She speaks internationally and writes about sexual awakening in the modern world and the Divine Feminine.

Shyena Venice

Shyena Venice is an internationally acclaimed sexual wellness educator and facilitator and a graduate of the European School of Massage & Aromatherapy in London England. Shyena has over 20 years experience in the Natural Healing Arts, and understands what women want and what they need to increase their sexual awareness and sexual health.

Her unique understanding coupled with her business acumen has helped her become one of the pioneers of promoting healthy sexual products for women. She shares her passion for helping women around the world increase their sexual awareness and health by embarking on a journey of a holistic lifestyle.

Why now

Whether you’d love to lead your own Shakti Queen Women’s Circles or rule your world with greater feminine poise, power and grace, this Leadership Teachers Certification Program gives you the detailed guidance, structure, and loving support to birth your dreams in beauty.

To celebrate the launch of my new training program I am offering a special discount:

  • The cost of the year-long program is $2,999. Enrollment ends on June 15th.
  • Payment plan options to empower your choice
  • Exclusive Membership in the inner circle of our growing community of Shakti Sisterhood
  • Special Coaching to enhance your Leadership Goals
  • Special Bonus #1, Free Download of my newest book – The Jade Egg Dreaming Ceremony
  • Special Bonus #2, Free Download of the Shakti Queen Yin Way Breast Exercises
  • The opportunity to be a Founding Pioneer of this Special Teacher Training Program, which will grant you lifetime access to the course and its evolution for Level 1 Training.

Even if teaching is only a piece in the mosaic of your life mission, we invite you to join us to lift your feminine leadership skills to a whole new dimension – where you not only feel great about your progress, you feel nourished and happy while doing it. Whether you’d like to expand your own women’s group or be inspired by a project or relationship you’ve always wanted to create, we’d love you to join this exciting new circle of empowered women. Even if you’re not sure you’re meant to be a leader, we really want YOU to find what you’re longing for.

My goal is to bring out your best by providing the finest, most inspiring feminine teachings, practices and technologies I know. I also know the value of having a great team. It has taken me many years to learn what it takes to assemble a remarkably talented team of highly accomplished sisters to bring this dream into reality. We are totally committed to helping you not only keep on track and stand accountable for your aspirations, we want to experience how helping one sister realize a dream she didn’t even know she had, lifts all of us to a new level of dreaming.

A Woman’s Way to Lead is not only profound, potent and playful – what really makes it magical are the women who appear!