May 17, 2011

Feature Article: Why I Wrote the Book

submitted by Amara Charles Back

I believe happiness in our intimate life can change the world.

I know great intimate relationships don’t just ‘happen’. Those who share emotional trust, who help bring each others’ dreams into reality and who enjoy sexual intimacy work to have these things.

The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka by Amara Charles

I wrote this book because I believe such skills, especially the skill of balancing intimacy and sex with everything else in your life can and must be learned. I love the Quodoushka teachings, because everyone is included, anyone can share them and, once you get a taste of just how much there is to learn, everything in your relationships gets better.

No one I know lives, toils or dreams of success all by themselves. We all want to generate abundance for one purpose: to share it. What’s the use of all our efforts if we’re not creating the kind of intimate relationships where we can’t wait to go home and share?

It used to be that happiness hinged mostly on having to fit into some sort of prescription mold relationship. But the old molds are like too small shoes- and many of us, try as we might, just don’t fit into those old boxes.

We may differ in politics, spiritual paths or careers, we may have different sexual preferences, but there’s one place we all agree. There’s an exploding tribe of out-of-the-box people determined to create intimate relationships that work. These are the people Quodoushka attracts, and who I am hoping to reach through my book; the ones sniffing around the pererphiry, the ones who know true happiness comes from deep pleasure inside and who get that fulfilling sex is probably the most important aspect of any relationship. I hope my readers will be the ones who are having quiet intimate revolutions. The ones who have inklings that learning about sex and intimacy can and should be a blast- and a profoundly deep journey of love and kindness. I believe that when we are happy in our intimate life (and by this I don’t mean perfect- I mean that there’s the desire, intent and commitment to grow even when times are tough.) everything in our world changes.

So here’s to having the humility and the good sense to know there’s plenty to learn about sex. If you find yourself smiling in gratitude throughout the day because of somebody in your life, then get a copy of my book.

The other day, a woman who works in the catalog department for my publisher said:

On a personal note, I LOVE your book. I’ve been reading parts aloud to my husband at night and hoping it sinks in!


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Helena Fox says

Thank you Amara for sharing your experience and expertise with us in this extraordinary book. Anyone who has had the privilege of attending one of your workshops has been profoundly affected by the depth of your wisdom and understanding, all of which is revealed in this unique and empowering book. As a sacred intimacy educator, I am encountering this out-of-the-box tribe of people from every background imaginable. The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka is an accessible and enlightened resource for any background and level of expertise. It is at the top of my reading list for individuals and couples alike.

Amara says

Thank you lovely Helena. It was wonderful to meet you and Jeff and I cannot wait to come to your neck of the woods again. Hugs and Kisses, Amara