July 29, 2014

Where there’s Heart There’s A Way

submitted by Amara Charles Back

Our amazing journey continues!
Feeling fresh and and full from our visit to Hamburg and Croatia (stopping in Istambul for for a massage (we hope!).
Our D Y E N and Feminine Erotic Intelligence Workshops were stellar. The the depth, the food, the land… fantastic. Most of all it’s the people we’re so moved by… such a deep transfer of feelings, wisdom and laughter… Yes, there’s been hesitation and a reluctance to open, at first.

I am learning that where there is heart, there is a way. Maybe the way will be steep and dark. Maybe it will be too bright to see. Maybe there will be valleys of fear and despair, places where the wounds of the heart are barely ready to peek out from underneath comfy blankets of protection.

But it’s these touchy, fragile and almost too delicate to touch places of the heart, places inside that have been broken almost too many times to repair; these are my favorite places to go. It’s the stories we seldom reveal, lurking underneath culture, underneath social expectations, underneath language, our families and yes Croatia :-), underneath our clothes – this is where we discover our natural selves.

When we dare to travel to these dark and dangerous places, and risk staying in the most uncomfortable places dwelling in our hearts, those places we avoid and that get pushed into the most remote corners of our daily lives, something magical happens. Healing happens here. And great compassion and deep forgiveness. These are the rewards that come to those brave enough to have a good long look, to those risk sharing deep feeling. It’s raw. It’s vulnerable, it’s unpredictable, ah, but in the end, when we dare to touch the one heart we all carry inside, there is only room for only sweet happiness.

, and we are still digesting, integrating…

Then it’s off to revisit our beloved teacher Angela Yan in Wu Tai Shan, China. We will be offline, chanting or having tea.

This is from our last trip to this place where there are 108 temples, lots of tea, and mostly treasures.

Om mani padme Hum.

In beauty, Amara and Shyena

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