October 5, 2018

What’s the Purpose?

Dharma Healing Retreat with Master Angela Yan | submitted by Amara Charles Back

Our new year was blessed with Master Angela Yan’s ten day visit to our home. The profound Dharma stories that come rolling through her day and night slip in and out of my mind like heat from the fire and the taste of good things. Days begin with bowing and chanting  followed by eggs, porridge, toast, jam, butter, coffee, and lots of unknown fermented veggies. Along with non-stop conversations like this:

If you do not have time to do nothing, you are not wealthy at all. Take the time to enjoy your life. That is wealth’ she’d say.

One day Angela decides she would like to get a massage, another day go to the spa, and then she mentions she’d like to do a workshop.

So a few days later she did. As people enter our house, Angela sits by the fire, makes tea and begins: There are thousands of techniques. But this is not what matters. Everybody can do this technique, that technique. What is the purpose? What’s the real purpose of what you’re doing?


One couple comes over for a Qigong healing session and they’re anxious to go into the healing room to get started. But Angela has tea first, and seems to talk about many unrelated things for over an hour.  What they don’t realize is that there’s nothing to start, it’s all part of the healing. How you relax, how you talk, how you move, what you say and what you don’t, it’s all part of the healing. I watch her opening people, finding her way in. Some people get this and others do not. Neither concerns Angela, both are the same.

A good teacher, she says  takes out darkness. A good teacher can see you. Finds your darkest parts and maybe stirs them up. It’s not somebody who says how wonderful you are, how good you are, how great you are. No. A good teacher leads you only in the right direction.

DSC07441Everyone wants to make you into a doctor,  a wife, a lawyer  or something you are not. they want you to become something. But who are you without these things?  A good teacher is not someone who wants you to memorize and remember and repeat back what you hear them say. A good teacher removes what is not needed to point you in the right direction. What’s the right direction? You. Your wisdom. Your natural self. she says.

But people are deluded. They do not know what they do not know. A good teacher shows you how to live.

So many people want to be healers, she says, but if you do not know how to swim, how do you teach people to do that? Stand outside the water and tell them? First you better learn how to swim. Cook up your wisdom. 

How do you do that? Chant. Chanting is not a human language. It cannot be explained in human language. You better just do it. Find out out what it can do. Then maybe you will gain some wisdom. Be more humble. Respect. The more of this you have, the more you will get. ok? A good teacher does nothing for himself, it’s for you. All of it, everything is for you. A real teacher always has people behind. She has a lineage. This is very important, who stands behind you.  You must pay attention to.

Be more humble, she says to me many times over the days of our retreat.  ‘pay attention. don’t talk too much.

Ok. I better just do it.

Om Mani Padme Hum


In beauty

Watch an amazing Video of ANGELA’S QIGONG HEALING


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Shyena says

Yes Angela leaves us with profound teachings & blessings. I,m cooking up my wisdom!
What a wonderful way to start a new Year !
Omm Mani Padma Ommmmm

Laka says

Wow wo profund wisdom shared. Exited to meet with Angela one day and ready to chant and dive deep with you again in january!

Isis Phoenix says

This is beautiful and powerful. Such simple beauty. Straightforward teachings, straight like a knife cutting through the unnecessary with the gentleness and comfort of tea and satsang. Beautiful. Thank you.

Amara says

Oh yes, she’s definitely got a knife of love and a sword of truth!!
Love you Isis. So happy you’re in AWWL!!! I’m so happy we will be connecting deeply this year. Xoxo Amara

Amara Charles says

Yes Isis. She is sublime and it’s fantastic to spend time with her. Come join us in Texas nov 29 if you can. I’d love to see you and delve deep in love with you. Xoxo Amara

Francoise says

How do we get in touch with this amazing teacher Angela Yan.
Does she still offer healing sessions?

Amara Charles says

We are hosting Master Angela Yan in Texas nov 29-dec 2 for a healing and training retreat. It’s Love on my website and we’re taking reservations now. You can email me if you want to learn more. Angela is amazing.

Angela McGinty says

This is beautiful and I am so glad I came across it today! It is the inspiration I needed!

Amara says

Thank You Angela! Perhaps you can come meet Angela in Texas where we are hosting a private healing retreat. It would be lovely to meet you. xoxo Amara


I love this idea, and I shared it with my partner, who is learning how to retire. “If you do not have time to do nothing, you are not wealthy at all. Take the time to enjoy your life. That is wealth.” He has been called it rewirement instead of retirement. It truly is a rewiring and rewriting to feel valuable and wealthy when we do nothing in our American culture. Thanks for sharing this! In Beauty, Kassie

Amara Charles says

I know, it’s so true. I love doing nothing. and I like rewirement!! love to your partner and love to you! xoxo Amara

Shaker Ali says

I would like to have a session with Master Angela Yan.
Could you please help me.
Best regards,

Amara Charles says

Hi I do not schedule appointments for Angela. I dot know where she is currently. She goes often to China. Thank you.