March 2, 2011

What’s So Sexy About Dirty Talk?

submitted by Amara Charles Back

Even though I don’t really think dirty talk is ‘dirty’ at all, I must admit I like both giving and getting it. I like the prelude, the spoken and unspoken words, the whole courtship of erotic conversation.  It’s fascinating how changing just a few words, and the tone of your voice can turn luke warm ho hum sex into peel me off the moon kind of sex.

Which of these words would melt you to the ground? While the Vanilla lines may work just fine, try the Hot ones once in a while to put some fire to your heart, and maybe a few other places too.*

Are You Vanilla or Hot?


Vanilla Female: ‘ I can’t wait to see you soon, I’m so excited.’


Hot Female:  ‘You’re driving me absolutely crazy. I need you baby.  Give it to me,  I need it  now.’

Vanilla Female: ‘ Could you please slow down?’


Hot Female: ‘Whoa, slow down baby.  Slow down. Easy big boy. Be gentle. I want to feel all of that gorgeous _ all the way in me.

Vanilla Female: It feels so good… you’re so good…


Hot Female. ‘Put it right there baby, right there. yeah, that’s it.  What a gorgeous_ , let me see it, cuz it’s making me so wet.’


Vanilla Male: ‘Wow, you look Great.’


Hot Male: ‘I’d like to strip those clothes off you right now.’

Vanilla Male: ‘I love the way you kiss me.’


Hot Male: ‘Kiss me where I want it woman. Yeah, right there, the whole thing. Kiss it good. Good. That’s so Good.’

Vanilla Male:  I want to hold you tight.


Hot Male:  Pleeeease baby, please put your lips right there. I want you so bad.

p.s. These are the ‘dirty talk lite’ versions. If you like it raunchier, by all means…

Got any for me? Share in the box below.  (keep in mind, I am monitoring these 🙂

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