March 14, 2015

What Makes Alpha Women Happy?

submitted by Amara Charles Back

Alpha Women are hungry for less. Less doing. More being. Less manipulation and more openness. Less effort and more intelligence.

An Alpha Woman lassos the chaos in her life, loosens her grip of control, and lets go on the tip of her razor’s edge, and stays there. Rather than trying to control the unknown or cut it into manageable bites, an Alpha Woman seeks the power hidden inside chaos and learns to use it.

Instead of getting overwhelmed by the all- too-muchness of everything, an Alpha Woman spins unwieldy webs of disconnected things into a spectacular robe, with options in every pocket.

She sounds like superwoman. She is. But not the way you think.

Super Woman, or let’s say, many women these days, has to schedule time to let go. We become super schedulers to fit everything in – and we even end up making appointments for sex! We get so swept up in our zany time crunches we forget that we’ve made them up! And when our batteries get drained we slouch into lazy bouts, where just about anything will do. Food. Movies. Drama. You name it.

Alpha Women discover a far better way. Here’s what works for me.

I make a contract with myself to feed my spirit with love every single day. First thing in the morning I nourish myself with a self love practice. If I lay in bed and don’t feel like doing it, I ask myself; Will this be the day I don’t have time?

The answer is ‘Not today. Today I have time for me. And so I practice.

Throughout the day, I slow down and soften. Like when five phone calls clamor for my attention, I pause to consider my options. I breathe. I soften any tension in my body. Superwoman gobbles up all the calls like fast food. An Alpha Woman relaxes inside multiple possibilities. She uses her erotic intelligence and asks: which of these five things is the most challenging, and does that one first. Rather than chasing tails, we like grabing the head of situations, and we dare ourselves to complete the things we resist the most.

Now, this being said, there’s an intelligent way to wait on certain things until there ready to hatch. The secret to avoid getting walloped by too many choices is to move in the direction change wants to take.

And when she gets snagged in drama an Alpha Woman is a story turner. She turns around her rejected little girl story into the woman who will find a different way. Rather than being the rebel girl who always got into trouble, she becomes the woman who stands for truth. What about the abandoned little girl? She’s the woman who finds her path with heart.

An Alpha Woman asks ‘what changes do I need to make? She falls in love with her desire to jump, indeed leap into the unknown. She knows down deep she has chosen what appears, including the stuff she dislikes. And if we can’t see how we’ve possibly chosen this, we remember we’ve always got a choice about how we respond to what appears.

Our chaos is either a poison or a medicine: when chaos hits, we breathe it in for everybody. This poison is not just our personal trouble. It connects us with all forms of all things. It’s the beginning of compassion and self love.
Instead of getting rid of it, we breathe in and connect with it fully. We do this with the desire that all of us can live in harmony.

So the next time a gust of chaos comes whizzing by, remember the quest:

Will I leave a path of beauty behind me?
Am I dreaming a dream worth living?
Have I sought to ease the suffering of others?
What am I doing to care for the next seven generations?

This is what makes Alpha Women happy.

And this is how we shall create our Shakti Q Tribe.

In beauty
Amara Charles

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Sheila Cullen says

I look forward to being on your list. DO you have to take Q1 before Q2?

excellent comments on riding energy. I liken it to the bull riders I watched last night at New River. Being able to ride the unpredictable(the bull) the twist, the turns(the energy) and being able to stay in the balance(on top of the bull). Amara’s insights are the technique(knowledge) of the bull rider.

Jean says

Thank you Amara for the reminders and inspiration as I meet the challenges to my “alpha-ness” today!

Amara says

You are mighty welcome Jean! Keep being the awesome women you are, both tender and kind, and fierce when the time is right…

Claudine says

This words speaks straight to my heart, my situation. I ve been already feeling it the last week, reminding myself to walk and attend to life as a priestess in reverence of life would. Thank you Amara to expand on and solidifye what it stirring in me.
My chaos is not over yet – I ll b slowing down and breath today and smile into my heart and womb often.

Amara says

Thank You Claudine. I am touched that you wrote to me, and I am happy if my words can help a bit in your journey. Chaos needn’t be a bad thing, and no matter what if you seek to see what changes are calling I am sure you will find your way. Walk in beauty sister!

Stacy says

Thank you so much for this!! When my buttons get pushed I notice a choice at that moment, “Thank God for the Choice”, do I react or do I sit still and listen to myself, become my own women. Sometimes if I chose to react, I stop much faster and wonder how I can do it differently. I am so grateful today for another way. My commitment to myself is not to abandon myself but to be here and love myself. Thank you for that reminder.!!

Amara says

Yes! Stacy I react sometimes too…today in fact! But you are right, as long as we can hit that pause button and come back to our center faster we’re on the way. It’s good to be determined yet gentle with yourself. Keep on it girl! Thanks for writing!

Colm says

Great writing, and great thoughts. It’s only a pity there are not more women embracing life this way. As I write that I think, it’s a pity there are not more men embracing this way of life. Thanks for the teaching.

Amara says

Thanks Colm. I totally agree. And I suspect there’s great tribe of men and women who privately celebrate the virtues of compassion and love, and who revel instead of battle with our differences. By simply being an Alpha Woman, we begin to effortlessly draw men and women into our intimate circles, and we show each other how it’s done. If these qualities resonate with you my dear, then for sure you are a queen birthing the kind in many of the men you touch with your heart and mind. Bravo
dear lady!