February 10, 2011

What Makes a Magnificent Sexual Experience?

submitted by Amara Charles Back

From Mark:

I am not sure that there are always 3 common denominators, sometimes it involves toys, other times not; sometimes it involves a long time and slow steady playing, other times fast and furious; sometimes bondage or sensory deprivation, other times not.

Maybe it’s the willingness to go to where the moment takes both partners and the willingness & unselfishness to do or allow what the partner leads. But I do think it must involve the sense of oneness with the partner.

Sounds great Mark. Tell me more.

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Rapid Gigabitz says

i wish it What Makes a imposing Sexual Experience? | Amara Charles – Nourishing Arts of Sexual Pleasure now im your rss reader

amara says

Hi There,
What makes an imposing sexual experience??? what do u think? I’d love to comment, but I’m not sure what you mean by ‘imposing?’
Cheers, Amara