April 21, 2011

What Is The Sexual Empowerment Correspondence Course?

submitted by Amara Charles Back

Hi I am a 22 year old woman interested in taking your Sexual Empowerment Course. I would like a little more info if this would be right for me.

Can you explain the teachings and say how the course will be beneficial for me? What does it include and how much does it cost?

Hello MS. N.
Thank you for your inquiry and interest in the Sexual Empowerment Course.

The Course consists of 10 Gates.

Each Gate includes Teachings, Tasks and Sexuality Practices, which are suggestions for you to bring greater awareness into your intimate relationships.

The Teachings and Lessons
come from both the Shamanic  and White Tigress sexual practices I have been teaching for over twenty years. They will help you become clear about sex and relationships by guiding you to reflect on your beliefs and expectations inside of your sexual experiences. They will provide you with empowering ways to understand the energy of sex – what it is for, how it gets confused and how you can use your sexual energy to heal your self, life and others.

The Tasks

consist of a variety of reflection exercises- they will get you thinking about what is ‘off’ about sex in your life, and help you to bring more balance and joy into your sexual experiences. I also ask you to comment and share your understanding of the teachings I present in each lesson.

This helps you integrate the teachings, and me get to know you and design the proper course for you.

Sexual Practices
Then there are sexual lessons that you can practice. I taylor these to you and your situation. So if you have a partner, or if you are single and looking for a partner, or you are choosing to be by yourself for a while, I give you the practices and exercises that I feel will work best for you. These practices will help bring a more spiritual quality to your experiences of sex and intimacy.

Once you receive the Gate, and have time to read and practice some of the things I suggest, I ask you to comment, return the Gate, and ask questions that arise while putting the course in action.

So you could say it’s like having a private sex mentor, and you will have the chance to ponder, reflect, try new things, and ask questions along the way.

Each Gate is currently $250 USD
I am going to raise my prices in a few weeks.
You can take as long as you like to complete a Gate, but I suggest 3-5 weeks for each Gate.

I hope this helps.

In beauty, Amara
Tigress of the Jade Moon

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