February 25, 2013

What is it About Breasts?

submitted by Amara Charles Back

Maybe someday, it will be fine to show bare breasts and enjoy in their beauty without being shamed. What it is about breasts that makes us feel so uncomfortable?

Female Breasts that is. Last I checked, every female has them. But we can only do certain things with them, one of them being we must hide them in public. We are allowed to tease, with partial peeks around the edges, but not the tips, or the nipples. Really, nipples must be tucked away from view.

If you’ve ever gone to a place where every one is naked, in about ten minutes, everyone stops looking. So the argument that baring breasts causes too much arousal, (similar to what some Muslims fear) is just not true. In reality, it’s the hiding, the partially revealing that’s far more arousing than letting them just hang out. I noticed our strange customs around breasts when I created this video, Beautiful Breasts, which is banned from You Tube, I guess from showing those nipples. I made it to celebrate the beauty of our breasts. But most importantly I wanted to give women a way to connect lovingly with their own breasts.

Certain breasts are okay, I’ve seen many films showing bare breasted indigenous women. Guess that’s okay, because? But showing western women enjoying their breasts, or for the purpose of healing? Still way too much for you tube. Perhaps demystifying breasts may influence too many women away from surgeries to augment them. Given the fact that so many women are suffering from breast cancer, and almost everyone I know knows several women who have had serious issues with their breasts, isn’t it time to flood our media with empowering images? Could it be that mainstream’s phobia about showing breasts, combined with our obsessive fascination may be contributing to the shame women feel about their bodies?

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Amara says

Lynnette Staffeld commented on your clip Yin Way Breast Exercises- by Amara Charles:

“ This is a deeply intimate and very special practice. Thrilled to have the pleasure of meeting this practice that I will be engaging in. A subtle powerful internal tool once set with intention it is certain to begin a whole new Springtime within.

Amara says

Dear Lynnette,
Thank you for your loving support.
I would love hearing from you as your practice progresses, as this is the first time I’ve shared it this way; in a video rather than in person.
I am thrilled you may share this with other women!
A women has just asked me to coach her group with the breast exercise, so if you ever want that, I will do a session for free with your group, via Skype.
Really wish to spread these practices, they are so dear to my heart.
Thank you so much
In beauty

elayne says

I have been practicing taoist breast exercises for several years. In the past my breasts had little feeling and I did not enjoy being touched there. Since doing the practices my breasts have become more sensitive and touch to them actually turns me on. I feel it from my nipples to my clitoris. I was so surprises how such simple practices changed my body. Its great these teachings are available to every woman and recommend you try them.

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