May 22, 2018

Wealth and Abundance

A story about how a sacred site catalyzed wealth and abundance | submitted by Greg "Magick" Bernstein Back

Years ago a woman came on a retreat who I have known for many years. She had a small business, and she always struggled and was on the verge of bankruptcy. It was a small miracle that her boyfriend gave her the money to go to the retreat as she had wanted to go for years but didn’t have the funds.

One of her primary intentions on the retreat was to become prosperous and abundant. She was in her 40s and had never experienced that before. At one of the sacred sites, she got an epiphany. When it came to making decisions, she always struggled with “making the right decision.” When confronted with a decision that had to be made, she was clouded, unfocused and it even brought up anxiety because she knew how important it was to “make the right decision.”

These sacred sites are shamanic and they will sometimes create situations that show us what is happening in our lives. So she was in a sacred site where the trails were really obvious, and then suddenly they became nonexistent, and she was lost. She ended up in

the bushes and she screamed out to the universe. She screamed out that she always wanted the clearest and easiest path. Then she went through a series of healings that were catalyzed by the various sacred sites we went to, each one bringing up a different childhood memory that was still living in her field and created distortion and cloudiness.

The culmination came when we were on our way to a sacred site that resonates the frequency of unconditional love. On that hike, she happened to be in the lead on a path that was wide and clear. She turned to us and said, I have no idea where the path went, where’s the trail? We all looked around, and it was obvious to us. It was clear as day, but we didn’t say anything to allow her to find it herself, but she could not. The sacred site had created the situation that happens in her life so that she could face it and heal it. She then went into a deep process in which the site allowed her access to repressed childhood memories that she had been unaware of, and she met them with unconditional love that she could never have done previously.

She cried and screamed and released those memories. She then stood up and said, I can see the path now, and we all said: “great let’s go.” And she turned and went straight into the bushes. We looked at each other like, is she crazy? But my guidance said to follow her, so we did. Five minutes later, we were at the site, the beautiful lake that we were headed to, and we got their a half-hour faster than if we would have followed the trail. Somehow she had illuminated the part of her psyche that always knew the simplest and clearest path. None of us would have seen that.

When she got back to where she was from, she suddenly knew the right decision in every moment. She knew which clients to pursue and she became abundant and prosperous in her business like she never had before. That kind of clarity continued, and she learned that her desire was to quit the business to become a naturopathic doctor, and she did. These sites are incredibly powerful and transformative whether you are working for something in the material world such as wealth or career changes, or something related to your awakening. Whatever it is you want and need, will be catalyzed and transformed by these sites.

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