August 9, 2018

Why I Walk in the Mystical Realms

Timelessness, and even any thought of timelessness arises and disappears. | submitted by Amara Charles Back

One day during a retreat on Maui, I found myself walking in this super slow walking meditation musing over a Tibetan phrase I love: ‘Good in the beginning, good in the middle, good at the end.’ People ask me why I walk this way, and the answer is because I like it.

In the beginning, I slow my steps way down, I relax in the middle and release my breath at the end. So when I came out through the remnants of the ancient stone wall of this centuries-old Hawaiian temple, I walked around the outer perimeter inhaling each time I lifted my foot, softly pressing my sole to the earth, and then releasing and exhaling as I bent and lifted my foot again each step of the way. At first, all manner of memories swirled through my brain, until gradually, with each step, all thoughts dissolve in profound peaceful walking. Timelessness, and even any thought of timelessness arises and disappears.

Since our Mystical Heart Retreat, now, a month later, I’m still walking more slowly and my mind is still clear and at ease. Thankfully, coming home this time, the yank of getting ‘back to normal’ still hasn’t quite sunk in. So many times following peak experiences, life careens in, scatters us this way and that, and it seems any distraction to avoid sweet emptiness will do. Bills gotta get paid, there are deadlines and calls, projects to be finished, and well, there goes that lovely mystical realm!

But I’m learning to invite magic in anywhere and any time by simply walking much more slowly. Perhaps we go to workshops and retreats to get a glimpse of heaven, ah, but the real trick is to walk in beauty everywhere we go. So I keep walking slowly.

Try walking to the mailbox really, really slowly and see what happens. Slow way down and just for a sec in the middle of your day, come home to your peaceful, loving nature. You don’t even need to breathe a certain way, because simply slowing down is enough, and it feels surprisingly good. It’s so simple and yet, it’s also easy to forget.


A Woman’s Way to Lead

This is one of the reasons I created A Woman’s Way to Lead Online Course – because we can’t always go on retreats to learn how to walk! We need a constant stream of reminders to inspire us to slow down, relax and allow more pleasure into our daily lives. Plus, as you may know, no spiritual walk can be sustained alone. That’s why we are gathering a new wave of switched on women* who want to experience transformational breakthroughs together with the support of a growing community of great women committed to becoming the Change Makers we need to let love rule our world.

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p.s. Gentlemen:

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In Beauty,
Amara Charles

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