July 16, 2012

Children of the Fifth World

submitted by Amara Charles Back

Dedicated to Shyena Venice; Arrow Carrier of the 30th Sun Dance

Nepal Monastery
When I was dancing to the tree in the desert this image from a ceiling in the monastery of Tengboche kept floating in my mind. I remember the Rinboche saying, “the world as we know it is said to have arisen from the vitality of the wish-fulfilling Bodhi tree. In previous aeons, human beings are said to have evolved from the stones, soil and trees”

I can feel the hard soil move through my feet, the moisture of my skin baking in the sun and my muscles aching with exhaustion. Red dirt. Sweat. Nothing to do but dance. The day is long and hot as thoughts like ‘why do this?’, and ‘at least Buddha was smart enough to sit down‘ roam through my brain. Then I feel it. I am more sensitive to existence; everything is erotically alive. Every time I dance, people are richer, more precious; not despite the hardships, but because of them. You become lighter. And you dream.

This year I dream about the children of the Fifth World. I write these words in my notebook, only to find out Shyena has written exactly the same words in hers. Things like this happen at Sun Dance.

I imagine the marvels children of the Fifth World will bring, what they will teach us, how they perceive. I know they are already here, warning and nudging us to us up. Will we develop eyes to see them, and ears to listen? I know they are born through magical seeds; they are conceived since always from the ordinary ecstasy of love. Shall we develop the heart to feel what is just so?

After the dance, I talk to a sun soaked grand mother and her daughter, who beam as they tell me stories about raising such a child. They tell me about her joy and quirky intelligence, which often surpasses theirs.

If I could read a story to this young girl, I’d start with:

The lioness needs, for her appointing,

no ceremony, no anointing;

Her deeds of heroism bring

Her fortune. Nature crowns her queen.

The elephant is the lion’s meat.

With drops of trickling ichor sweet;

Though lack thereof should come to pass,

The lioness does not nibble grass.

Yes, it’s a wild world emerging. Bring it on!

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stacy freeman says

I loved this Amara, actually felt like crying .. I love your insight, but the most magical piece is you and Sheyna experiencing the same truth Peace..

Vicente says

I find this piece very compelling. It’s tgiunralar shape works for me formally, calling to mind the trinity represented in the church, yet the shape of the leaf is paganistic, like the Birth of Venus. It makes me very melancholy and nostalgic, as if it’s reminding me of a time when religious idols and sexual attraction weren’t divorced (something we now are forced to find in pop-idols). I’m still trying to figure out what to do with the face in the window. But I do know that it’s necessary. It’s what upsets the gentleness of the image and keeps me enraptured. Nice.

Amara says

Oooh, this sure leaves me wanting to learn all about this concept of “Children of the 5th World”. I wonder:
1) What is the 5th World (and 1st, 2nd, 6th etc)?
2) Are these children all actually children, or is this a figure of speech.
Teach us, please, if you are able & moved to. Thank you _/\_

Amara says

Hi and thanks for your comment/questions,

Yes, these are actual children. I plan to write much more about them in a forth coming book; I will also write about the ‘Worlds’. One important source is from the Hopi Prophesies, where elders and visionaries speak of the 4th world as being motivated by resolving issues, transforming and growing through threats, pain and fear. These methods of raising children are marks of the consciousness of the Fourth World. Awareness and transformation of the Fifth World is entirely different. Growth and transformation of consciousness happens in quantum leaps of awareness where observable traditional methods of teaching/learning cannot be used or found to explain things. The Fifth World, and these children come in with the ultra sensitivity, awareness and intelligence to teach us how to live harmoniously with all the worlds of Grandmother Earth. Which is to say, there will also be great shifts in the world as we know it. As for the 6th,7, 8th world, good question, I do not know. Cheers, Amara Keeps the Fire

Rosmarie Ruppolo says

After all, what I’ll do is appreciate and welcome the chilren of the 5th world wherever I can.

Thank you for this reminding 🙂


Five worlds and five suns were created, one after the other. The first world was destroyed because it’s people acted wrongfully. They were eaten by ocelots and the sun destroyed. The second sun saw it’s people turned into monkeys due to lack of wisdom. The third sun had it’s world destroyed by fire, earthquakes, and volcanoes because the people didn’t make sacrifices to the gods. The fourth world perished in a flood which also drowned its sun. Before creating the fifth world, our world, the gods met in the darkness to see who would have the honor of igniting the fifth sun. Tecciztecatl volunteered. The gods built a big fire on top of a pyramid and the volunteer prepared to throw himself into the flames. He was dressed in beautiful hummingbird feathers, with gold and turquoise. Four times he tried to force himself into the suicidal fire but each time his fear drove him back. Then the lowliest of all the gods, Nanautzin, dressed in humble reeds, threw himself into the fire. Teccitztecatl was so ashamed that he too jumped into the fire. The new sun rose into the sky giving light to the fifth world.