March 10, 2011

How To Have More Erotic Fun In Bed

submitted by Amara Charles Back

Would You Like to Invite Eros Into Your Bedroom and Have More Erotic Fun? Have you ever had a particularly erotic evening and said to you your self afterward “Wow, that was amazing – it was like, perfect.”

Chances are, before this erotic dalliance, you actually had the idea of a having a great sexy time. Without even really thinking about it, you could see bits of erotic play in your mind: the clothes strewn on the floor, the candle flickering, the half glass of wine on the bedside. Or perhaps you like the sounds of things, so you heard sexy words or a sultry Brazilian tune you like. Maybe you are a ‘feeler’ so you imagined feeling warm hands sliding over your chest (and other juicy places.)

What you may not have noticed is that before you had an erotic encounter, you imagined some of the scenario so well that everything landed into place like silk lingerie sliding down a pair of gorgeous legs.

Whenever we enjoy effortless, spontaneous erotic play, and the Greek God Eros comes to visit, without even knowing it, we are actually using the power of our imagination. When it comes to having more sex and intimacy, I am a true believer that what you imagine happens. If you’re like me, and you’d like to have more erotic play in your life

Try this:
1. While you are still in the dreamy state before rising, imagine yourself getting out of bed with a smile on your face.
2. See yourself giving someone you love a particularly warm hug. (it makes it even stronger if you can breath in the scent of this huh-the more senses the better!)
3. As you are lying in your cozy bed, imagine yourself feeling sensuous and tingly. It doesn’t matter if you have a partner or not. Just lie there for a few minutes and focus on feeling sensuous, happy and content all over your body.

Now, close your eyes and imagine saying something tender. See and listen to yourself giving a sincere compliment to someone you love. Just to soak these thoughts into your mind, repeat the compliments a few times, for the mind likes repetition.

These magic few waking moments before your days goes full throttle, when you are still partially in dreamtime, greatly influence the direction of your entire day. If you’d like to improve your chances of enjoying more love, affection and intimate sex later on, use your erotic imagination to create your reality.

If you want to increase the likelihood of having really great erotic play, consider adding a mantra, such as “I am beautiful” and say it to yourself.
Then I suggest you forget all about this sexy little exercise and just see what happens. Let life surprise you by how amazing it can be- no matter what shows up.

Your erotic imagination is powerful. Use it to circulate kindness, love and tenderness. It’s actually quite amazing how contagious this can be.


In beauty, Amara

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