May 8, 2014

The Thirty Day Erotic Challenge

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The Thirty Day Erotic Challenge – Online Guide to Enhance Your Erotic Pleasure and Prosperity

I am thrilled to announce the Thirty Day Erotic Challenge is now available for your at home pleasure.

  • This 64 page Illustrated Digital E Manual includes daily instructions, inspirations and stories to supply you with thirty days of fascinating ways to enhance your erotic health and happiness.
  • * Plus you get the bonus S.M.A.R.T. Goals PDF to boost your ability to harness your sexual energy to manifest your dreams.
  • The Original Erotic Intelligence Online Program sells for $49.95 – But I’m giving a special introductory price for the next 30 days…
  • MY CHALLENGE TO YOU: Send me your start and finish date, along with comments of your experience of your Thirty Day Erotic Challenge and I’ll send you a 2oz Bottle of Sylk Natural Personal Lubricant.

What is The Thirty Day Erotic Challenge?
It’s a treasure trove of daily erotic teachings and suggestions to lift your your erotic health and happiness to a whole new level. It’s designed to inspire you for thirty days whether you have a partner or you’re looking for one.
It starts out gently, giving you guidelines on what to pay attention to during each day. It then builds gradually to include more fun and fascinating ways to bring delight and passion into your life.
The best part is you can carry this challenge with you anywhere; it’s meant to infuse your life with an awareness of pleasure inside whatever you’re doing. I promise, you can safely share these practices at home or at work.
Plus, if you’re interested in how you can harness your erotic awareness to help make your goals and dreams happen, you can apply the proven system of S.M.A.R.T. goals to your turbo charge your Thirty Day Challenge. (instructions included).


 Is there a lot to do? I’m busy and don’t have much time.

No worries. This is designed to be interesting, fun and easy. You get to do exactly what you’re already doing. The Thirty Day Challenge simply gives you something fresh and different to focus your awareness. It takes no extra time at all, and may actually make what you already do far more pleasurable.


I don’t have a partner to do this with. Should I wait?

Don’t wait! Have some fun, lighten your spirit and do the Challenge by yourself. And, if you’re looking for a partner, you can use the thirty days to boost your erotic intelligence to help you find and attract someone special.

I’d like to do this with my partner but I am not sure if he or she will want to?

In case your not sure if your partner would like to join you, or if you asked him or her and they’re not sure, I suggest you start solo. And watch what happens. Many folks said, once they started the Challenge their partners saw what a great mood it created and wanted to join the fun. The challenge is to keep it all light and playful. Pleasure can be so attractive…

Can I do this with my partner?

Of course. If you do have a dream or goal that you’d like to focus on together, like finding a new home, having a child, or increasing your sexual frequency, then by all means, yes! It’s a wonderful way to bring your bodies, minds and spirits together to manifest your hearts desires.

coupleinbed2.jpgIf we do this together, do we create separate goals?

Yes. Though some of your goals may overlap with your partner’s, it’s best to go through the Thirty Day Challenge focusing on and refining your own goals. If you do have certain shared dreams, you may wish to make special times at the beginning and at the end of your challenge to talk about them (in bed).

Keep in mind, your goals and dreams may change over the course of a month. That’s also something lovely to share with your partner.

What if I don’t know what my goals are?

Great. You’re starting with an empty cup. If you begin the Challenge and just do the daily practices, your energy will rise and very likely, a goal or dream about something you desire will come to mind. We all have things we’d like to do or experience. Your goal can be anything – from getting a new job, to accepting yourself more, to finding a life partner. Keep in mind, the more specific you are the better. So rather than creating a vague goal like, ‘I’d like to be thinner,’ if you’re specific about what you want, it’s much easier to succeed.

The interesting thing is, folks have told me that they actualized some of their goals way ahead of schedule. Things they wanted started happening so quickly, they had to make new goals during the thirty days! If this happens for you, great. You can refine your goals and make them more and more clear as you go through the Challenge.

Once you get into the groove of how using your erotic intelligence increases your ability to focus with pleasure, things that once seemed hard or impossible become much easier.

I just want to have more erotic energy, or more intimacy in my life, is the Challenge for me?sample 2-2

Yes! You can make your Thirty Day Challenge as simple and fun as you like!

What do I do after the thirty days?

Much to my delight, several people who went through a the Thirty Day Challenge said they liked it so much they started over and went for round two! My hope is that the thirty-day challenge is just a starting point to get your erotic awareness into super flow.

And I hope you’ll use memories of what you experience to change the whole trajectory of your life – so you can have more pleasure, health and energy to do what you came here to do.

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