September 25, 2011

Making Love Through the Reptilian Brain

submitted by Amara Charles Back

My dear friend, a best-selling author and I were on Skype talking about his recent move away from Hollywood, where he had a booming publishing/movie career. Choosing his beloved family over career is just the kind of man he is, but he’s NOT happy living in Georgia. Because he is a fine specimen, and one of the most brilliant men I know, I know he’ll make it. Yet, for the first time in 10 years, I feel him frustrated and sad.

At the end of our chat I ask Shyena to come over to meet him, and, quite unlike her typical shyness, she saunters up to the screen and then dips towards my friend to reveal a stunning violet brassier. Nothing could have been more perfect. His first encounter with Shyena produces a pure ‘wow’ in his reptilian brain. And ours too.

The reptilian brain is a whole different breed of consciousness. We tap into it through absolute loving spontaneity. It’s fast-thought liquid instinct that perfectly guides whatever the moment demands. We slip into our reptilian mind whenever we let go, move like a serpent and bypass our more calculating, prudent and often restrained conscious thinking.

When we dip into this slow-motion quick mind with awareness, it leaves us wondering just how we knew what to say or do so effortlessly. I recently spent days contemplating all this under the desert moon. Listening to the fire and stars, one thing becomes clear about my recently released book, ‘The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka’. Like a snake uncoiling, sometimes resting quietly, sometimes lifting in elegant display,  or unhinging its fangs with a great yawn, little in life is predictable.

Who knows how many lives will be touched again by the Shamanic teachings of the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path, once known as the Rattlesnake School of Turtle Island?

What I know is that the source of the Quodoushka teachings, long ago and even as now, come not only from observing the appearances of nature – the way fire literally sings, the way stars are not far away but are inside you, or the way a serpent glides within your mind- the Quodoushka practices of Spiritual Sexuality were birthed by those who could communicate – no, more accurately, those who could fully feel, see and hear spontaneous creation through their bodies, minds and spirits at once.

Fortunately, these musings linger with me as I return home. Making love has never been sweeter.

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