November 12, 2019

The Power of Feminine Sexuality Practices

submitted by Amara Charles Back

Thousands of years ago Taoist White Tigress courtesans discovered ways to stay youthful by doing certain practices to strengthen their sexual vitality. According to Taoists, because our circulation tends to stagnate, the most important place for women to increase their circulation is in the upper torso and breasts. Shyena and I learned theses lovely exercises throughout our training and initiation as White Tigresses. When done on a daily basis (we recommend 100 days to enjoy the full benefits), they increase our Shakti energy and replenish our sexual vitality.

The gentle movements of these exercises restore our connection with our own breasts. Our breasts are how we nourish life and they surround the heart chakra. Significantly increasing the blood circulation and energy flow through and around our breasts, as well as through and around the ovaries and womb, is the key to strengthening feminine Shakti energy. But too many women rely entirely on others to stimulate greater circulation through these vitally important feminine areas of the body. We keep our breasts and waists restricted too tightly in bras and tight clothing that limits our breath and blood from flowing properly through our bodies. 

The complete sequence of this practice takes less than 30 minutes. It includes a meditation exercise, in the beginning, to calm the mind and set your intention. You can insert your Jade Egg during the breast exercise to amply the benefits. Finally, the closing sequences include a lovely Taoist breathing practice that helps you relax and integrate the new energy flowing through your body, mind, and spirit.

The Self-Love Vagina Reviver video includes clear instruction and actual demonstration of the entire 30-minute practice. It includes inspirational teachings explaining the natural benefits of breast and jade egg vagina exercises, explaining they are so important for increasing women’s sexual vitality and passion.

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