January 10, 2012

The Nectar of Immortality

submitted by Amara Charles Back

What would just a sprinkle of immortal nectar bring to your relationships? And where do you buy this stuff? What does it taste like and what does it do?

The Nectar of Immortality has the flavor of sweet peaches; the scent of rose oil and it causes your heart to swell with the urge to give. When this vapor is in your mind, you let go of worry and it pops the balloons of stress, sorrow and anger stored in your cells. Past transgressions become irrelevant, whatever keeps you from acting kindly dissolves and it gives you power to face anything.

Make no mistake however, it’s very expensive for it costs all of your attachments to the way anything was or the way you think anything should be.

It’s a celestial gasoline delivered straight from heavenly beings that are rooting for you to feel the perfect harmony of your being. When sprinkled regularly into your daily routine it makes you smile or hum for no particular reason, and it makes obstacles and dramas appear like phantom images floating on a mirror.

Yes, it’s a magic juice; some might call it a divine drug whose source is the living eternal spring of your heart. It’s a magnetic fluid that draws perfection towards you, even if you don’t yet see the perfection. It’s a waterfall of unequaled love you feel wherever everything unreal slides away. It’s the sugar inside tears.

Of course, this Immortal Nectar is a secret kept in plain sight. You are the biggest source of the raw material, the manufacturer, distributor and the consumer all at once. It’s made from various acts of virtue, selflessness, sincerity and generosity. Curiously, even if a person does not realize he or she has been given a dose, the effects are potent anyway.

It’s wise to constantly store this elixir and keep it handy for times when you are tired, lonely or sick. It’s easy to collect, for the main ingredients are loving speech, good thoughts and decisive actions. I suggest having an inner Immortal Nectar cellar where you keep vats of this stuff on hand.

Whenever you feel out of sorts, go into your immortal cellar and put some on your feet so that wherever you walk gets dusted with magic pollen. Pour some on your fingers so your touch becomes soothing. Then drink a few sips until your words are soaked in kindness. And don’t forget to take a huge sniff so the aroma goes straight to your brain and purifies your heart.

I’m writing this on my birthday, so I’m giving away oodles of this stuff for free.

In beauty, Amara

‘Quehestemehah’ (You Dance In My Heart)

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carmen says

Oh, what a lovely article you just wrote Amara… It sounds like a beautiful spring poem and it feels like the softest caress. It lifted me up each time I read it and it opened a large smile in my heart.



Amara says

Thank you darling. I got your lovely note, I’m in Q mode now so I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks sooooo much for all your love and support. Hugs, and miss you Amara

Karen In California says

Hello Amara,
I really enjoyed the video of you and Sheyna in China. It looked quite lovely and rugged and warmhearted. I aslo enjoyed the article. I agree with Carmen-beautifully poetic.
Speaking of poetry, I also must tell you that your book of poems, Aching to Open, left me smiling, and agreeing and “amen-ing” right in with me. So many of your thoughts rang bells in me. I really like your style. If I were again writing poetry I think you’d find us kindred in flow and flavor. There you go being inspiring again!

Awakening to More,

Amara says

Thank you Karen
I love hearing from you and am so happy you are inspired
By poetry! Sending hugs and love from new zealand

claudia says

First off, Happy be-lated birthday wishes dear One.

It is inspiring to hear about your travels and good works. It is so critical for each person to awaken to their gifts and passions and share it with the world.

Thank you for following your heart and sharing your wisdom and words so beautifully.

I look forward to your continued unfolding in the year ahead. May it be blessed as you bless others.


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