September 8, 2010

The Making of Touch For Two

submitted by Amara Charles Back

We are so excited to offer our new Touch for Two DVD.

We’ve been performing Touch for Two Live with small groups for several years with rave reviews from couples who say the experience is: “Gorgeous.”“Elegant.” and “Sexy in a whole new way.“ One time, a pregnant woman joined us for the evening… we’ve had a threesome and a deaf woman who followed the guided instructions just by feeling the vibrations of the music through her lover’s body.

Then people started asking us for a DVD so they could do it again at home. So we listened.

Stills from the Touch for Two Production

Lost Without Touch

Shyena Venice and I created Touch for Two because we listened to so many couples say that they feel closest to their partners through intimate touch.

Yet luxurious, arousing touch is also the most forgotten, overlooked part of  many relationships.

It’s easy to slip into the sexual daze of our familiar touch routines. We assume we know what our partner likes, give a few kisses here, offer a few strokes there and then go off in our heads, or go numb in our bodies.

Instead of building passion through touch, we flip through the pages to get to the end of the book and thus we do not fully ripen our lover’s body for deeply satisfying lovemaking.

That’s why we created this special experience to help you slow down and feel the sensations of  intimate, connected touch.

But we didn’t want to make something that felt overly ‘instructional. The whole experience needed to be elegant, delightful and fun while at the same time showing couples how to bring more variety, spice and subtlety into the way they touch each other. Bringing something new into your foreplay stirs up the firey tingling feelings of your heart’s desire.

Even more than introducing different types of strokes, the whole experience of Touch for Two brings the natural elements of Water, Wind, Earth and Fire into your lovemaking.

Your body needs and desires all these kinds of touch- from the delicately soft and sensuous, to those hot electric sweeps of passion. Touch for Two awakens your natural desires and prepares your body for truly satisfying sexual union.

Lift Your Love Life with Something New

I’ve always wanted to create something that would inspire people to totally savor their lovers; to make them melt and be completely open to different kinds of sensations. We all need to touch and be touched and we should always be exploring what our partner enjoys most. It’s amazing how much new energy you adventurous lover eager to try something totally new.

It’s our hope that this is just what Touch for Two does. Whether you get the DVD to share the experience at home, or you come and join us for a Live Event;

It’s all about allowing yourself to Touch and Be Touched in Beauty.

What Other’s Say About the Experience

“I’ve been married for 39 years and like a lot of couples, we got into a routine of how we like to make love. This was a really great experience.  I can honestly say my wife never touched me like this before. The best part was I didn’t have to think at all. Amara’s voice is totally soothing and sexy.” Leon Capp. Paradise Valley, Arizona

“Ever since doing Touch for Two my lover is more gentle, and we can talk to each other about what we like. It was so luxurious. The best part for me was it showed him what I really meant by slowing down…. “ Elizabeth Connors Las Vegas, Nevada

“ After sharing Touch for Two, there was some sweet lovemaking…” Nadine , Phoenix, AZ

“The music itself if awesome. When I play it in the delivery room people ask us all the time: ‘What is that music?” Dr. Laura Kimbro  OBGYN  Scottsdale AZ

Sneak Peak of Touch for Two

You will begin this alluring shamanic journey by gathering and harmonizing chi, creating an intention together, and then sensuously undressing. By the time both of you are through, you’ll be ready for the most intimate sex you’ve ever had.

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