January 22, 2015

The Healing Power of Quodoushka

submitted by Amara Charles Back

Quodoushka (pronounced: Kwa-dosh-kah) with Amara Charles

Whether frequently enjoyed or often avoided, sex is undeniably the most powerful energy of existence. According to the shamanic teachings of Quodoushka, originating from the Twisted Hairs tradition of Turtle Island (including ancient cultures from North, South and Central, Americas, as well as the lands now known as Australia and New Zealand), sexual energy is the original, boundless life-force that everything in existence is created through and from.

If misused or abused, it has the power to cripple our growth, place trauma in our bodies, or keep us confused and longing for intimate connection our entire lives. If well understood and used in beauty, our sexual life-force energy can become a pathway of healing and a means for our spiritual transcendence.

For some, placing sexual ecstasy together with spirituality may seem a strange or even blasphemous notion. For numerous ancient native cultures, however, sex was considered as essential to human life as breathing or eating. Just as we may reach high states of awareness through meditation, sexual union can generate feelings of spiritual oneness and bliss.

In cultures free from generations of guilt, blame and shame about sex, children were taught from a young age that their sexuality was beautiful, natural and good. Without such guidance however, countless men and women suffer today from guilt, shame, fears and all sorts of distortions about sex. Caught in either over indulgence, or long periods of denial, many are seeking conscious teachings about the meaning and purpose of sex in their lives.

Message from Quodoushka

The Two Sacred Laws from this tradition say much about an ancient spiritual approach to sexuality:

Everything is Born of the Feminine and Sparked by the Masculine.
Do Nothing to Harm the Children.

The first Sacred Law teaches that everything in existence happens as a result of feminine and masculine energy coming together. Each of us is born through these energies. The second Law describes the sanctity of life. If children are harmed, how can life continue?

While the disregard of these two Sacred Laws may have harmed us, Quodoushka teaches that healing old wounds is always possible. When held with sincerity, guiding the ways we come together sexually, these Sacred Laws generate natural love and intimacy. What would happen if children were taught that everything is born of feminine energy and that nothing must be done to harm nature?

A Balance of Energy
In the Quodoushka tradition, it is said there are five ways to heal, five ways to come back into balance when we lose our way.

Give with Tenderness
All emotional imbalance stems from a lack of giving with tenderness. We experience anger, fear, jealousy, possessiveness or greed because we are holding, hoarding, and not giving. Whenever we get off balance emotionally, the message is simple: Give to yourself, to life and to others with tenderness and the pain in your heart will cease.

Hold and Transform with Intimacy
Physical imbalance, loss of libido and exhaustion comes from a lack of intimately listening to the needs of the body. For example, habitually ignoring the bodies’ need for sexual expression ultimately leads to sickness, aging, and early death. Ancient teachers have said, what brings health and balance in the body is listening to our real needs for rest, food and physical love.

Receive with Caring
Our projections, judgments, and expectations interfere with our ability to be receptive to sexual pleasure. To receive with caring means feeling into the true needs of our lover. This does not mean giving attention whenever they want it. It means developing the ability to listen beyond superficial wants and learning to see what is really needed.

Determine with Spirit
Whenever we go against our instincts, our spirit weakens and it becomes more difficult to be sexually open. To strengthen our spirit, it is said we must reflect upon our innermost desires. What is the truest way we can express our love without expecting anything in return?

Use Open, Heart-to-Heart Communication
Quodoushka Elders say the five huquais of health, hope, happiness, harmony and humor are the natural gifts that come from healing, teaching, sharing and caring for our selves and others with open heart to heart communication. For the journey of sexual healing begins with honesty.



Amara Keeps the Fire
A Spiritual Sexuality Instructor, author and poet, Amara has been referred to as ‘a gifted mystical teacher’. She’s held workshops throughout the United States, Asia, Australia and New Zealand and is the author of Sexual Agreements and The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka: Teachings from the Nagual Tradition. Trained in both the Shamanic Quodoushka and White Tigress Taoist traditions, Amara has been practicing and teaching internationally since 1987.


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