May 10, 2011

The Elements of All Abundance

submitted by Amara Charles Back

As life bestows blessings or delivers punishing blows, how can musing on each element of creation for several dawns and dusks, watching spiders and ants, clouds and the moon reveal the secrets of abundance? Surrendering to the splendors of Mother Life, I see how to ward off misfortune with patience. Feeling the relentless wind, the gush of currents, the fire in the stars, I hear Nature’s urgent call to give unreasonable beauty, kindness and wisdom for the benefit of others.

The Four Corners of Abundance

Emotional abundance is the ever moving, non-stop flow of everything constantly happening. Meditating with the creek, watching the sun dance and fade over the water waiting for it’s inevitable return, it becomes clear that it’s only me who dozes, or who tunes out this roar of rushing water. The stream of livingness does not cease for me. Resistances, moods, excitement, or suffering – these are like throwing stones in a river, hoping the water will notice the way I feel. Only the heart content and tranquilly moving in concordance with anything life offers can harmonize the rhythms of loss or bliss, and radiate loving heat through the cool ice.

Earth Thought, body abundance is only health. But we do not know health, for we coat the bodies’ abundance with treats and fixes. Happy if there is not too much pain, or too much discomfort we guzzle the gas life gives as if there is an ever-ready supply at a decent price. We hope that this sensation, or this taste, or this experience will keep us happy, but it never does. When have we ever felt as robust and alive as during our first breath? Strange, how easy it is to cloud the body, and to forget the preciousness of its bloom. Breathing Mother Earth into my skin and bones, I absorb her strength.

Wind Mind Abundance As the minds’ always darting around familiar ways subside and the reels of my all-night movie slow, spinning images, thoughts, ideas, plans, conflicts and memories dissolve into the humility of love, forgiveness and compassion. I dip into the grace of existence. How quietly my mind spreads into the stillness of this warm night.

Quodoushka Fire Kachina

Abundant Spirit Fire is a flame that only consumes precisely the fuel it needs for modest heat. The abundance of a wise fire burns away the unnecessary and releases the invisible. Water rests and crests in containers, yet fire exists in dormant potentials. A match and fingers, or combustible coals must meet before a spark appears. And so it is with passion, love, desire and other volatile things that must join to be lit. To sustain a fire all night (or a life time) it makes sense to conserve wood, and to feed the flames slowly, for a bonfire, though hot and lovely, is such a brief thrill.

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