March 27, 2011

Hilarious Birds and Bee’s –And Then Some

submitted by Amara Charles Back

I’m joining a panel on Teen Sex Ed at the Sedona Conference in April. It should be a frisky conversation, with Reid Mihalko, Laurie Handlers, Leela Sullivan and other guests.

So, when I came across this video on the Birds and Bees, just had to watch. Julia Sweeney’s sex talk with her daughter is utterly hilarious. I love the way her daughter Mula reasons her way through the most natural questions in the world. She just cant help the insatiable curiosity of her 8 year old mind, and thankfully, her Mom stays in the saddle, holds on and does the best she can!

It’s wonderful to see Julia squirm,teetering between ‘way too much information’, and figuring out to get through her daughters questions. Watch this video to see a great way to handle the spontaneous, irrepressible need to know questions about sex. I love it because it’s not perfect, prescribed or planned-

Gotta Watch

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