February 11, 2014

The ’13 Often’ for Easy Health Preservation

submitted by Amara Charles Back

“13” may not be an American’s favor number, but here is the “13 often” you need to favor for easy health preservation. No equipments needed, free of charge, no location requirement, and you can do it anytime.

1. Comb the hair often: stimulate the scalp, activate the brain, better than fish oil;
2. Roll the eyes often: improve the sight, clarify the mind;
3. Pull the ears often: stimulate all 89 ear acu-points that cover the entire human body;
4. Shake the head often: keep the circulation well around the neck area;
5. Rub the face often: make the face skin staying in nice condition and wrinkle-free;
6. Knock the teeth often: bite and knock, keep the gum healthy;
7. Swallow the saliva often: keep the essence in the body, keep the mouth healthy;
8. Rub the hands often: increase circulation on the hands, keep the wrists healthy, as fingers are connected with heart, this also is good for the heart;
9. Throw the arms often: keep the joints and muscle in the arms healthy and strong;
10. Rub the belly often: helping with digestion, absorption and excretion ;
11. Tighten the PC muscle (pubococcygeus muscle) often: preventing and healing hemorrhoid and other rectal illness;
12. Slap the legs often: give you stronger legs;
13. Rub the bottom of the feet often: adjust the Yin-Yang balance of the body.

Directly Translated by my friend,
Cedric Sun (a remarkable Chinese healer) from his blog:  New (but old ways) to Heal. Cedric Sun practices holistic medicine in Buffalo, New York. He is Master Angela Yan’s son. Angela say’s ‘he’s a better healer better than me.’ (On this, they do not always agree. )

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