August 28, 2016

Tantric Afternoon

submitted by Amara Charles Back

an Erotic Story by PeneDuro

“Hello!” This was his no nonsense business tone of voice.  “Hello Darling” Her voice was low and sultry.  “Well, I wasn’t expecting to hear from you this afternoon.  Did I ever tell you that you sound very sexy on the phone?”  “About a hundred times, but I never get tired of hearing it” Her voice trailed off as she whispered,  I called to see what time you’ll be home.”  “With Friday night traffic, I imagine about 6 p.m. Why?”

“I have a very special evening planned and I wanted to have everything prepared when you arrived home.” She practically purred into the phone and he felt his cock begin to swell and harden.

“Are you still at work?”

“Nope, I’m at home getting everything ready, “ she said slyly. “You really have me intrigued.  What do you have planned?” He really was curious for he never knew what new what fantasy she might dream up. Where did she get this stuff? He asked himself.  He knew that his imagination and libido was in overdrive, but he had finally met his match and OMG! Was it ever fun!

“Now if I told you;, she said, “then it wouldn’t be a surprise, would it?” “Well, I guess not, but you mean that I have to sit here for the next three hours and try to figure out what you are up to? Just talking to you has given me a raging hardon and it is getting damn uncomfortable!”  “Poor baby, I promise to take good care of you when you get home. I can’t wait to get your cock in my mouth.  Everything will be ready by six. See you soon!” And with that he heard the phone click on the other end of the line before he could pry a clue from her.

Damn how am I going to get through the rest of the afternoon knowing she has cooked up an another wild fantasy?

Planning to bring it to life for his pleasure, he shifted in the chair to relieve the pressure on his hardened cock and tried to get back to work.

“I’m home!” he called out as he came in the front door and dropped his keys and briefcase on the hallway table. The house smelled incredible!  He smelled exotic spices, sandlewood incense and her perfume Shalimar. That’s all she ever wore and she always smelled good enough to eat, which he did with great regularity.  He chuckled to himself as she came down the hall. “What’s so funny?” She stood up on tiptoes to kiss him.  She was wearing something that looked like a sari, sheer red silk with an applied gold pattern.  She wore without the customary fitted garment he had seen before worn under saris.

“What’s with the sari?” And isn’t part of it missing?  Not that I am complaining. You know that the fewer clothes you have on when you meet me at the door, the better it is.  “This is the abbreviated version of the sari. Are you ready for a great adventure tonight?”  Before he could answer she took him by the hand and led him down the hall toward their bedroom.  He could hear exotic music playing softly in the bedroom, perhaps it was Persian classical. When she got to the bedroom door it was closed.

“OK, you can’t see the bedroom until after I have bathed you.  So I am just going to put this little blindfold on until we get into the bathroom.”  With that she put the black silk blindfold on him and opened the bedroom door.  All of the scents of the room assaulted his nostrils as she led him through the room and then shut the bathroom door once they were inside.  She pulled the blindfold off as he blinked his eyes to get them into focus again.  The big whirlpool tub was full of bubbles and the air was scented from bath oils and the numerous candles burning in the room.  She didn’t say a word, she just started to undress him slowly.  As she did,every inch of flesh that was uncovered was kissed and licked.  Finally, he stood the there completely naked with his thick cock standing at attention.  She could not resist the temptation and for just a moment knelt in front of him and with her saliva covered tongue vigorously sucked the head of his cock.  She was really hungry to have her mouth completely filled with cock and feel his warm come flow down her throat but she knew she would have to wait.

“Go ahead and get in.  I’m going to bathe you and get you all relaxed from the commute.”  She stepped away so he could step into the tub.  She hit a button and set the whirlpool to the lowest speed.  “OMG, this feels good,” he moaned as he sank down into the hot scented water.  So, what comes next he thought, I can barely wait.  “Shhh, no talking. Just lie back in the tub and let me do the rest.”  She picked up a washcloth and soaped it up with a scented soap.  She slowly washed his shoulders and neck. She worked her way down his chest and she let the nubby side of the cloth drag over his erect nipples.  He sighed as she continued to stroke him very gently.  When she was finished she told him told to lean forward and she repeated the process on his back.  When she was finished she stood.

“Pull the plug and stand so I can dry you off.”  He stood and as the tub drained she grabbed a towel and began to gently dry him when he got out of the tub.  Starting at his face and continuing down his body her sure hands caressed every drop of water away.  She then wrapped him in a length of silk, similar to hers except that it was dark blue.  He had to admit that it felt great against his skin.

“Are you ready for the next step?” She asked.  “My curiosity is killing me. What now?”  “Now we go into the bedroom.  I’ve prepared a small sensual repast for us to give us strength for the night’s activities.”

As they stepped into the bedroom he was dumbfounded. All of the furniture was draped in jeweled, toned fabric.  The floor was covered with a thick pad and there were big pillows everywhere with the largest group leaning against the bed forming a backrest.  It all formed a wonderful little nest in the middle of the bedroom floor. In the middle of the pad on the floor was a large round tray. It was covered with little bits of spiced meat, hot pickled vegetables, dates, fruit and other morsels.  Everything was bite sized and it smelled wonderful in the combination with the incense, the candles and her perfume.  Silently, she motioned for him to sit closest to the bed and to recline on the pillows there.  She sat cross legged in front of him.  The music was hypnotic and very sensual consisting only of drums and a flute of some kind.

She still didn’t say a word and started to feed him small morsels of meats  spiced with curry and others tasting like cardamom and saffron.  Each bite was more exotic than the last.  Bites of pickled asparagus and fresh tomato were followed by the sweetness of a grape or two.  This  went on for a few minutes and each new taste made his senses more aware.  It was remarkable that just a few bites of food could be this sexy.  He loved how her fingers felt against his lips as she fed him.  The last morsel was a date.  The last morsel was a date.  The sweet richness was the perfect finish.

“You remember how I once told you that I make love with all my senses?”  He nodded. She was remembering one of the emails they had shared before they had even met.  “Tonight is going to be the ultimate sensory experience. “Did you like the food?” “ It was wonderful, every bite charged and overloaded my taste buds.  Combined with the music, the smells and the touch of your fingertips on my lips really got me going.”  “Tonight isn’t about goals. Tonight is all about the senses.”  “ Do you know what a lingam is?” He shook his head and so she just went on. “That is Sanskrit for your cock. It literally translates to “Wand of Light” and yours is going to get a special Tantric massage tonight. So let me slide this pillow under your butt and then lean back.  Try not to close your eyes and just watch me and float on the pleasure.  Don’t think of orgasm, just absorb all the input your senses are getting.”  He leaned back and she nudged his legs apart, spreading them very wide.   The pillow under his butt lifted his pelvis just enough for her to have access to him.  She reached over and poured a few drops of a scented oil into her palm.  His eyes were glued to her movements and she met his gaze as she gently started to apply the oil to his cock and balls.  Her touch was like a whisper as her hands glided over him.  The oil made her movements silky and sensuous.

“Just try to keep your breathing very slow and even.  When I feel you revving up, I’ll slow down to bring your breathing back to normal.”  Concentrate on the sensation and try not to think about anything.”  He didn’t know how long he would be able to stand her hands on him like that, but he was willing to try.  She continued her gentle touch on his cock with one hand and with the other began to gently massage his perineum. He let out a low growl and pressed into her hand.  She knew how sensitive he was there and knew she would have to back off soon.  She stroked and finally found the male equivalent of the G-spot.  He arched off the pillows, but she didn’t stop the pressure.  She felt him tremble slightly and backed off as he let out a sigh.  “Don’t stop!  That felt just too good!!”

“We are not near being done and it will feel better each time I bring you to the edge like that and then back off.  This is about ecstasy and not just sex.  Now breathe deep again”  In just a few minutes after that conversation had taken place, he had begun to get soft again.  He was amazed because he had been so hot just moments before.   She poured some oil into her palm and began the ritual all over again.  He was hard again in only a minute or so but he kept his breathing steady.  Now that she knew where the sacred spot was on his perineum was, after massaging his balls she went back to the spot.  Still stroking his cock  and massaging the head with her thumb on every stroke.  She touched the sacred spot, but didn’t apply as much pressure as she had when she found it.  Instead, she took her thumb and rubbed lightly in a circular motion.  “ Oh God, do you have any idea how good this feels?  I want to come so bad yet I want this to last forever!”  “ Perhaps not forever, but we can make last a few more hours.”  Her voice was barely a whisper.  “You are kidding, right? I can’t last like this.”

“Yes you can. Just keep concentrating on your breathing and looking into my eyes.”  He took a deep breath and did as she asked.  Her green eyes were hypnotic to him but he would occasionally stray  from her gaze and watch her hands working their magic on him.  She brought him to the brink four more times.  Each time was more intense than the previous one and each time he begged her for release.  Each time she refused.  It was the most pleasurable agony he had ever felt.  Finally, she asked, “Would you like to come or continue?”

“I think I have done pretty well with my first tantra lesson and after the last four hours I think I deserve to come.”  “Ok but didn’t you like it and would you be willing to try it again?”  “Of course I liked it.  I loved it and I can’t wait for the next time.  But right now I want to come!”

The conversation had pulled him back and now he was semierect.  Just as the 4 times before,  she poured a little oil in her palm and started stroking his cock and balls. When she moved one hand to his perineum, the pleasure was so intense that he let out a growl and arched into her hand.  His orgasm began to build and her movements began to be faster, her hand on his cock firmer and the pressure on his sacred spot was harder.  He began to come, he gripped the edge of the pillow and began a husky scream, calling her name over and over again, he rode the tide.  She kept stroking him and a moment later he shot a pulsing stream of semen. As long as she stroked he kept coming again and again. Finally she released him so she could slide up and lick up all the pools of semen.  He was still trembling and his cock continued to pulse.  Moments later he let out a tremendous sigh and pulled her close.  The next time it was her turn and he could not wait to turn the tables on him.



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