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Which One Should I do: Shakti Queen or Quodoushka?

FAQ’s About Quodouhhka and Shakti Queen Retreats Question Hi, I’m  from Argentina.  I’ve read about the retreats and I find it interesting. My sexual life began late, but since them I’m trying to get better at it. However I’m still not very comfortable with my body and sexuality. I think that would help…  I’d like

A Simple Love Habit that Works

Yesterday I spoke with a couple having intimacy issues. They were eager to give me the list of wasn’t working. ‘The first thing’ I said ‘you must to drop the habit of beginning with the past.’ You will never feel like being intimate by constantly bringing up what has not worked. Constant criticism defeats desire.

Reclaiming Your Libido- White Tigress Taoist Feminine Secrets

What most women don’t know however is Chinese Courtesans also knew that women need a rich source of male, ‘yang’ energy to keep their Feminine Spring flowing strong. This is the secret to restoring our natural hormones.

Feature Article: Why I Wrote the Book

I believe happiness in our intimate life can change the world. I know great intimate relationships don’t just ‘happen’. Those who share emotional trust, who help bring each others’ dreams into reality and who enjoy sexual intimacy work to have these things. I wrote this book because I believe such skills, especially the skill of balancing

Is Intimacy Really Sexy?

A warm, soft body waits for you. You notice a smile and a shiver when you enter the room. It’s closeness that melts through anything, dissolves distractions and grabs you near. Sex is an invitation to experience beauty. Intimacy is the knock on the door and the lounging around after. Conversation, listening, loving whatever makes your lover happy- these are the things I love about intimacy.