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When Gratitude Gets Wet

It’s sincere gratitude, the kind that’s hard to get to that heals past transgressions. Let me explain: The biggest mistakes I’ve made have brought me into floods of confusion where feeling gratitude was out of the question. It was always because I made the wrong decision at the wrong time. I wanted what I wanted and I overlooked, or more truthfully, didn’t think for a second about how my actions might cause suffering to another. Usually I went through a phase convinced the problem was entirely ‘theirs’ and not mine. I had to dig deep, scan my actions and ask myself, ‘what was my piece in this trouble?.’ With no excuses.

Jade Egg for Sexual Restoration

Jade Egg for Sexual Restoration Why Sexual Restoration is Necessary? It’s no longer a secret that feeling sexy is an important aspect to vibrant health. Women everywhere are starting to realize that we cannot always wait for the right moment or the perfect partner to get our sexy back. The good news is that you

White Tigress Sexual Secrets

While western scientists and drug companies are scrambling to unlock the mysteries of – female desire, the sexual teachings of the White Tigress are quietly revolutionizing women’s views on sexuality around the world. One of their quotes from an ancient Chinese Sex Manual states that, ‘If you cannot face directly into your sexuality, you will

Reclaiming Your Libido- White Tigress Taoist Feminine Secrets

What most women don’t know however is Chinese Courtesans also knew that women need a rich source of male, ‘yang’ energy to keep their Feminine Spring flowing strong. This is the secret to restoring our natural hormones.

We Hit #1 Best Seller on Amazon!

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