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The Outer Limits of Intimacy

People who are well nourished and greatly inspired by their relationships live at the outer limits of intimacy. They not only dream of but deeply crave what is beyond easy grasp. They know deep fulfillment comes from extending and stretching the borders of what is already known. If you want the most from your relations you

A Soft Burn of Yearning Love

we ask all of creation to help us shed the nonsense – that we are less than, that we are somehow flawed, that we somehow do not deserve pleasure. As we drop those false, slow thoughts, and we speed up to the reality that life is utterly exquisite, we understand the truth: that we are truly blessed to even have a body. We can finally feel what we are designed to feel.

Are you living a Dharma Relationship?

You know you are living in Dharma Relationship if you: Can find something to smile about even in the most disastrous situations, forget about things that are simply none of your business and get on with things that are. You can get angry, sad, mad and even rage – but it blows over fast, and you

Pearls and Pitfalls of Online Dating

  In case you missed part one: Virtues and Vices of Online Dating I’ve been getting even more comments from my last newsletter; tales of awful dates and stories from those who, while they first thought nothing spiritual could come of this, now bless the day internet dating was born. This was written by a

Deserving Bliss: Quodoushka 3

Why do we want this Quodoushka Three to happen in July? Because the exquisite love that will arise in the souls of all who are present will bestow countless blessings, not only for the couples who share these profound practices; the ripple of benevolence will shower over the land, touching the hearts of many who