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It is OK to shout at someone?

  Dear Amara, we have a medicine discussion going on and I really would like to hear you interpretation about this topic! I think you are a wise teacher and maybe can clarify something, please would you be so kind to answer it, thanks you! It is about the basic wheel “The Gifts of Being

Reclaiming Your Libido- White Tigress Taoist Feminine Secrets

What most women don’t know however is Chinese Courtesans also knew that women need a rich source of male, ‘yang’ energy to keep their Feminine Spring flowing strong. This is the secret to restoring our natural hormones.

Want To Attract Men?

Last year we started a conversation about men, but truly, I was just getting started… So here’s a few thoughts about these unusual creatures to usher in another year of living the good life. Arghhhh, Men. You have to love them though, I certainly do. Despite their tendency to drive you utterly crazy with the