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The Outer Limits of Intimacy

People who are well nourished and greatly inspired by their relationships live at the outer limits of intimacy. They not only dream of but deeply crave what is beyond easy grasp. They know deep fulfillment comes from extending and stretching the borders of what is already known. If you want the most from your relations you

Which One Should I do: Shakti Queen or Quodoushka?

FAQ’s About Quodouhhka and Shakti Queen Retreats Question Hi, I’m  from Argentina.  I’ve read about the retreats and I find it interesting. My sexual life began late, but since them I’m trying to get better at it. However I’m still not very comfortable with my body and sexuality. I think that would help…  I’d like

Sex and Intimacy joins the Self Care Revolution

Listen to my Self Care Revolution with Dr Robyn Benson of Santa Fe Soul http://www.blogtalkradio.com/robynbenson/2014/12/07/shivashakti-healthy-love-and-intimacy-with-amara-charles Is sex and intimacy an integral part of intimate health? Of course it is! So why is it so often excluded in mainstream health conferences and why is the topic reserved to backroom conversations (where what’s really going on) is

FAQ: Quodoushka Spiritual Sexuality Workshop – Amara Charles

These are some of the common Questions people ask about Quodoushka Spiritual Sexuality Workshops. Can I come to a Quodoushka Workshop without a partner? Yes! You may attend Quodoushka I and II as a single or attend with a partner. For Quodoushka Three, you must attend with a partner. Is it better to come with


Here’s what folks are saying about Quodoushka: Thank you so much for the safe space allowing me to blossom and to flower and feel the thrill in my opening and watching others open up too. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Your commitment, dedication and passion is pouring out of each of you. Your knowledge