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I Got Published in Natural Awakenings Mag Santa Fe

Crazy Habits of Dharma Love
Perhaps you’ve noticed how having major secrets or lying in your intimate relationships keeps you hooked in a karmic-merry-go-round that isn’t very merry. It’s no fun slipping into loops where nothing seems to change, old irritations insist on rearing up and you can’t help adding insult to injury. Such is the way of a Karmic Relationship.

Dance, Helen, Dance

Oh my Goddess Helen. You are so beautiful. You body flows on the wings of your heart. I cannot wait to see you at the November Quodoushka in Kauai. Dance for me again and again, will you? In beauty Amara Charles amaracharles.com

Amara’s latest interview on Chatter Box with Crickette

Maybe the best interview I’ve done to date! Crickette is really funny, bright and bold… we had a a great time in my home talking about Quodoushka and educated pussys. She may not know it yet but Crickette is coming to a Q,. Part One… Part Two is coming soon. Enjoy! In beauty Amara

Does Sexual Magic Exist?

Of course it does. If you consider what we go through, all the emotional obstacles, not to mention time constraints, kids and all those other reasonable sounding excuses – like I don’t have the right partner – it’s remarkable that we ever let ourselves surrender into the deeply nourishing bliss of ecstasy. We all know

Deserving Bliss: Quodoushka 3

Why do we want this Quodoushka Three to happen in July? Because the exquisite love that will arise in the souls of all who are present will bestow countless blessings, not only for the couples who share these profound practices; the ripple of benevolence will shower over the land, touching the hearts of many who