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In the Presence of a Master

For the last few weeks I’ve had the remarkable experience of being with Master Angela Yan. Although she does not not call herself a Master, other people do. It’s not only because of her remarkable family heritage or because she trained from highly renown Qigong masters; it’s because of how she lives, what happens and

Angela Yan’s Lineage and Healing Case Studies

Angela Yan

Angela Yan Chinese Qigong Healing Works and Research In 1989, Angela performed her “steel needle” demonstration at the International Qi Gong Conference. Ten volunteers performed blood and pain-free “needle-trough-leg”, (piercing a needle through their calves) at the same time under her Qi Gong force. This created a major impact at the conference. She then traveled

Angela Yan – Qigong Master Healer

Our friend Kenny  went to China with this amazing woman, a Qigong doctor who is invited around the world to heal all types of illness. I will be updating this post and giving more information about who she is and why you should meet her soon. Fortunately, Master Angela Yan stopped by our home upon