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When Gratitude Gets Wet

It’s sincere gratitude, the kind that’s hard to get to that heals past transgressions. Let me explain: The biggest mistakes I’ve made have brought me into floods of confusion where feeling gratitude was out of the question. It was always because I made the wrong decision at the wrong time. I wanted what I wanted and I overlooked, or more truthfully, didn’t think for a second about how my actions might cause suffering to another. Usually I went through a phase convinced the problem was entirely ‘theirs’ and not mine. I had to dig deep, scan my actions and ask myself, ‘what was my piece in this trouble?.’ With no excuses.

Finding A Man With Heart

It’s easy to get a precious treasure
But hard to find a man with a heart.

A Love Poem To Myself

Today, I decided to write a Love Poem to myself. Some days, love is un-suppressible even when you try to stop it. Others, it’s unattainable no matter where you look. Then there are those days You find it as if it were something that could be lost. Or mistake it for something else. And still

How to Talk Less and Have More Sex

Now it’s time to stop talking. There comes a point when too much talking takes the energy down. Once I stop talking, I make a move, or even better, I let my lover make one.