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Donate to the Himalayan Stove Project on #Giving Tuesday

I just donated to my favorite foundation, which I’m very proud to play a small part in… If you would like to help out the Himalayan Stove Project, simply visit their online donations page. Every little bit helps, and on Giving Tuesday, those contributions are going twice as far. Give now and Your donation will

Amara’s favorite way to Heat the Home, Heart, and Hearth

DONATE HERE to the HIMALAYAN STOVE PROJECT http://www.himalayanstoveproject.org/ Amara Charles shared Himalayan Stove Project‘s  2 min video. I cannot say enough about the passion and integrity of George Basch’s dream of delivering clean cook stoves to families in the Himalayan region. I LOVE this video, and I’m proud to play a small part… (I’m in

Himalayan Stove Project

The raw emotion of our Nepal Adventure is overwhelming – every time we bring a stove to a family and fire it up, it INSTANTLY changes their lives – to see it and feel it – it brings us (and them) to tears, and confirms, one-on-one, one stove at a time, how we’re transforming lives

Better Than Sex?

It’s quite a trip to be lifted out of my Quodoushka Book tour to trek towards heaven for a month with the Himalayan Stove Project adventure team. The splendor of the icy blue mountains literally takes your breath away as well as worries such as ‘What on earth am I doing?’ and ‘How much further?’ Days