June 9, 2012

Sun Dance Prayers

submitted by Amara Charles Back

In last newsletter, I invited friends to send me their prayers so that I can dance them to the tree in the Sun Dance Ceremony.

Here’s the Invitation:

Wishing you all a steamy summer (in a good way) as I head off to the Sun Dance ceremony.  If you’d like me to dance your prayers to the tree of life, send me a note by email with your prayers for healing or prosperity. I’d be honored and happy to help dance your dreams awake.

The Sun Dance is one of the oldest ceremonies on the planet. This will be my 22nd. year dancing. The theme of this years’ dance (where you dance to the Tree of life for 3 1/2 days) is benevolent compassion.
Here are some of the prayers people have sent so far:

Comment below if you’d like me to add your prayers.

Looking forward to spending some quality time with you at Q2. It feels like forever since I seen you last.
I would love for you to dance for prosperity and health to the tree of life for the my wife and I. I would also would love to step with grace and ease into a new role for me, which is one of a teacher. Teaching about massage and the sexual healing work I do. I would love to create beautiful art forms that have beautiful lines and curves. I would love healing for myself around any sexual issues that I have not cleared yet so that when I do work on my clients I am coming from the most sacred and highest place possible. I feel like I am ready to shed the old and be reborn again.

Beloved God/Goddess/All That Is,
Please gracefully and lovingly melt the excess weight from my body so I can live my best life in your praise.

We are signing up for the July 7, Touch for Two, in Chicago.
During your Sundance Ceremony, please pray for the children who have been abused by misguided sexual acts.  I am a Child Psychiatrist, and I see on a regular basis the devastation that can be caused by those who are unconscious as to the sacredness of sex and who misdirect acts toward children.

I always enjoy receiving your newsletters, and was so grateful to see your invitation for Sundance prayers.  If you would be willing to dance some prayers for me, that would be so wonderful.  Thank you so much for your giveaway.
My prayers for the Sundance are:
*To unite with and enter into committed monogamy with my future husband/father of our children
*That I may be of service to suffering addicts and help bring the message of sobriety to the world
*For vibrant good health and the other huaquas for myself and my loved ones
*That I will continue to grow and prosper in my professional life and personal development
*To change tyrants into teachers and experience total liberation and freedom
*To foster co-empowerment and personal autonomy through all my thoughts, words, and deeds

Thank you so much for your generous offer.  And thank you for your dance of service to the collective.  I am so grateful.  I so enjoyed dancing next to you during my most recent Sundance, so I know you’ll have a beautiful dance this year as well.

…is where I wish I were heading/participating in… so perhaps you
can let my soul ride shotgun and dance in spirit with you all…my
dance sticks have been still too long, and my soul craving “out of the
box” union for so long it feels like it may just jump ship…you are

My Sundance wishes are…

1)  Love (for self, for other, from other, and a partner).

2)  Abundance (for self, for the whole world)

3)  Security (for self, for the whole world)


Dearest Amara,
I’m looking forward to being with you on 7/7.
That happens to be a particularly significant point in time for me,
it will be good to be surrounded by compassion.

Please dance for me for awareness of our place in space and pray that we all,
across our planet, slow way down and think, just think.
Please dance this into your dance.
Thank you.

Amara, thank you for the generosity. When will you be leaving for Sundance? My genuine desire and prayer is to have the universe’s guidance in making major breakthrough in my cancer research & bring better quality of life to patients. With much gratitude, Helen


Rosmarie Ruppolo says

There’s so many people who descover singing in their lives as a power to gain – let them get strong and wake up other voices within more people,
Rosmarie Blue Moon

Amara says

thanks Rosmarie,
i will gladly add your prayers to my shield!
many blessings, Amara

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