December 5, 2015

Stroking the Comfort Zone

Our Evening of Passion and Fantasy | submitted by Guest Author Back

Last summer, my wife Marie and I attended the first ever Discover Your Erotic Nature (D Y E N) Intimacy Retreat presented by Amara Charles. Based in Taoist sexual practices, we thought it was about stretching our erotic comfort zone.

Reflecting back on my experience (since we were pretty sexually/erotically/nudity open already), while the D Y E N retreat didn’t exactly stretch our comfort zone, there was a lot we learned and found interesting which we decided to include in our lives.

We have set up romantic/fantasy lovemaking scenarios as a surprise for each other in the past, so it was easy for me to turn one of the things we did at the retreat into an evening of great passion.

The DYEN exercise that kept flashing in my mind was the one where you pose your partner in a position to duplicate the pose of a Goddess on cards that had been randomly drawn. The pose I was to place Marie in was of a naked Goddess lying prone with arms above her head and crossed at the wrist, her head to the side and one leg slightly bend in a provocative manner. Once I felt I had the pose duplicated, I was to call all the other participants to view my ‘sculpture’ of Marie in the pose. All agreed that Marie was even more stunning than the the Goddess in the picture; including her freshly shorn pussy (which duplicated that of the Goddess on our card.)

The memory of that evening’s activity (held outdoors on the dimly lit lawn of the retreat location in rural AZ) is what motivated me to create one particular surprise of love and fantasy.

I Planned this Carefully for Marie

Since it was still summer, it didn’t get dark until late and it was warm. Even though houses behind and around us are two-stories, I wanted to do this in our backyard. One of the houses across the street has a partial view our backyard.

In preparation before my love had arrived home from work, I had gathered various toys including a vibrator, vibrating egg, glass dildos (one was chilling), tethers with wrist restraints, feathers, lubes and blankets.

As twilight drew close, I took Marie by the hand and led her to the bedroom where I blindfolded her and began to slowly and sensually undress her. I helped her on to the bed and then instructed her to lay there and think nothing but sexual and sensual thoughts—recalling real events or creating fantasy—until I came for her to start her evening of passion and pleasure. I then left to prepare our spot in the backyard with all the items I had chosen to use and had hidden outside.

When all was ready, I undressed and returned to the bedroom where I found her gently stroking herself across her breast and stomach with one hand while her other hand was moving ever so slowly around her inner thighs and her pussy.

As I led her still blindfolded and naked through the house and out the patio door, I asked
her to recall time we were at the DYEN retreat when I posed her and to visualize that evening as vividly as she could. I laid her on the blanket while still reminding her to visualize that night when everyone was focused on watching me pose her.

Once I had her placed in the Goddess pose (or as closely as I remembered it), I put the wrist restraints on her crossed wrists and tied the tethers to heavy weights I had placed specifically for the evening. The planning and preparation for the evening was very erotic for me in of itself. I stayed hard just planning and preparing for the evening…

With her arms secured, I began caressing and stoking her, gently kissing her neck, breast, thighs and around her pussy. I also alternated stroking with my hands, cock and the feather, and occasionally using the toys and the chilled glass dildo around her outer pussy lips. As I slowly performed the various sensual acts of foreplay and arousal, I also continually whispered to her to visualize, fantasy and feel that all the different touches, strokes, caresses, prodding and nibbles were coming from those that were watching; both the men and women. I would alternate my cock from her mouth to her hand or rub it around other parts of her body, and I did the same from time to time with the glass dildo and the silicone cocks. I whispered to her that those were different cocks of the other men watching and she never knew which was in her mouth or which was in her hand; which was mine and which was not. I kept reminding her she didn’t know who was licking her clit, whose finger or tongue was in her pussy or who was kissing her nipples, only that everyone that was doing anything was ever changing and continuous.

As she was in that final undeniable build up to her first orgasm (which is typically vocal and quite audible), we heard the door to the patio open at the house next door. They were taking out the recycle can which was on the side of their house adjacent to our location in our backyard. Marie’s normal moans and cries of orgasmic relief were now being stifled and mixed with muffled giggling. Once the neighbors were back inside, we recaptured our emotional freedom and pleasure before the intrusion.

As I entered her warm and wet pussy with my cock, I also placed one of the surrogate soft silicone cocks in her mouth, twisted one of her nipples with one hand and massaged her clit using the vibrating egg and the other hand; all the while whispering to her that all those from the DYEN were not just watching, all were participating in providing her pleasure and sensual touches. I then pulled my cock out and replaced it with the glass dildo and with one hand worked her clit with the egg and used the other hand to finish bringing myself to orgasm so I could direct my load to her face and mouth which she loves. Just as I was building to my pre-ejaculation groan and moan, we heard the patio door of the house behind us open. More stifled moans, throaty aahhs and giggles from us both as I came across her face and in her now open mouth (could the neighbors hear the buzz of the still running egg or the sounds of my orgasm?).

I released her wrists and we lay there just holding and kissing each other the whole time alternating between the feelings of total bliss, orgasmic relief and the giddiness of almost being found out (or possibly having been found out). It was truly a very erotic, sexy, passionate, spiritual and yet lighthearted evening. It was an experience that I frequently relive in my mind and fantasies.

Even though we had made love outside before in unusual places, that night was really special. Since then, we have relived that night in many fantasy lovemaking sessions. We always say our fantasies to each other.

One thing we have done that isn’t fantasy is to have a well?known erotic photographer take pictures of us during an almost two hour session which included love making, oral sex, toys and masturbating—each other and self. We even had a coffee table album made of 65 of the pictures we felt best expressed the emotions and feelings we had during the session.

We never thought of ourselves as exhibitionists, just comfortable with nudity and our bodies, yet the arousal and sense of sexuality we both felt during the photo session, and in remembering and discussing it, makes one wonder. At this point there isn’t much we wouldn’t do around like minded and participating others. If that makes us exhibitionists, then we accept the title; maybe we are voyeurs too.

I (we) guarantee there are more photo sessions (with pros or amateurs) in our future and many more outdoor or semi public lovemaking session on the horizon.


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Frank says

This is a great story. I think it is important that a great lover learns to stimulate all of his/her lover’s body. From the scalp to the soles of the feet. This story motivates me to learn how to penetrate my wife’s anus and vagina simultaneously for earth shaking climaxes.