September 5, 2018

Increase Your Shakti Power

Try this 1 min practice to know what's right for you | submitted by Amara Charles Back


An easy guide with Amara on what we need to do to build our feminine Shakti – especially when trouble hits and we’re full of fear and doubt. What does an intelligent, powerful woman do?

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Amara Charles
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Angela McGinty says

I so loved watching this video and hearing your insights on this topic. Much needed right now in my life and I am inspired to feel into my community of 12. To really honor what that means and not rush to have it set in place. Who are my people? A good question to explore! XO

Amara Charles says

Thanks for your comment Angela, so happy you find this video useful. I hope it inspires you to attract and gather your people! A community of 12? That’s great!! I think I’ve heard of someone who had a tight group of 12. Come stay connected of A Woman’s Way To Lead Facebook group. It’s free and we can stay in touch and maybe meet one day!in beauty Amara