September 5, 2018

Increase Your Shakti Power

The Three Pillars of Feminine Shakti Power | submitted by Amara Charles Back



How does a woman gather an overflowing reserve of Shakti Power to use in times of trouble?

The secret empowered women have always used is to continuously strengthen what Amara calls the Three Pillars of Feminine Shakti Power.

First, we must develop the ability to actually hear the voice of our Inner Guidance.

The second is to surround ourselves with a Team of Allies.

The third is to do daily practices that calm the mind so that we can make the right choices at the right time.

But what happens when you can’t hear your Inner Guidance, you don’t seem to have anyone’s support and all your practices seem to fly out the window? For times like these, when deluges of confusion, fear and doubt hit us hard and we don’t know what to do, Amara describes a really easy practice to use in the midst of any crisis. Watch how this method helped one woman navigate through the collapse of her world into a fresh new field of opportunity.

Amara created a fabulous worksheet as a FREE gift to increase YOUR Shakti Power.

Download Three Pillars of Feminine Shakti Power Worksheet

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Amara Charles
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Angela McGinty says

I so loved watching this video and hearing your insights on this topic. Much needed right now in my life and I am inspired to feel into my community of 12. To really honor what that means and not rush to have it set in place. Who are my people? A good question to explore! XO

Amara Charles says

Thanks for your comment Angela, so happy you find this video useful. I hope it inspires you to attract and gather your people! A community of 12? That’s great!! I think I’ve heard of someone who had a tight group of 12. Come stay connected of A Woman’s Way To Lead Facebook group. It’s free and we can stay in touch and maybe meet one day!in beauty Amara