Ongoing Support for:

A Woman’s Way to Lead Online Program Graduates

Shakti Membership – Student Track

The Membership Student Track is for those who wish to continue expanding their personal growth and spiritual transformation through these teachings and practices, yet who may not necessarily have the desire to present this material to others right now. It is for those who enjoy and find value in being an active member of this beautiful community of kindred spirits.

Benefits You Will Receive:
  • Monthly invitations to join our AWWL Community Virtual Circles, so you can stay inspired and connected with all of us as you review or complete the material contained in the 12 Modules. This, of course, is an opportunity to meet women in our awesome new wave of sisters who are joining the course this year.
  • As a Shakti Member, you will be able to hold your own Shakti Book Clubs with special materials we will provide to guide you for use in your own Shakti circles.
  • The option to join the Shakti Teacher Track whenever you are ready while still progressing and completing AWWL at your own pace.
  • A continuous stream of expansion, inspiration, and support for your spiritual growth as a member of our growing Shakti sisters from around the world.


Membership Fee:


Shakti Membership – Teacher Track

We have developed a continuing education path for you to continue to progress through the different Shakti Teacher Levels, as a Shakti Practitioner, Intern, Trainer, and Shakti Queen Master Facilitator. In Year Two of AWWL, in addition to being a member of the Shakti community, along with everything mentioned in the Shakti Student Track, you will continue your training to be a Shakti Practitioner.

 Shakti Practitioner
  • As a Shakti Practitioner, you will receive guidance on how to be a Shakti Mentor in order to provide support to the next wave of women moving through the 12 Modules of AWWL.
  • You are also granted permission to present selected training to small circles based on submitted practical hours.
  • With participation in our monthly AWWL Virtual Meetings, you will receive guidance, support, and assignments towards your Shakti Intern Training hours.
  • In addition to participating in exclusive Shakti Practitioner pre or post-monthly AWWL Virtual Meetings, you will receive two personal coaching sessions with our Shakti Team.
  • You will receive a 20% discount on any particular Shakti Queen Retreat you have previously attended.
  • Plus, you will have exclusive invitations for special inspirational teachings and advanced practices throughout year two.
  • An invitation to be an Affiliate Partner so you can receive generous commissions from sisters you introduce who enroll in AWWL anytime in the future.
  • Finally, as a Shakti Practitioner, you are invited to consider being on the Board of Directors when we incorporate our expansion of AWWL this year.

Once you complete year two of AWWL and qualify as a Shakti Practitioner, here is an overview of how AWWL training will advance your leadership talents, skills and abilities in the future.

 Shakti Intern
  • As a Shakti Intern, with completed and submitted hours, you can receive a Shakti Queen Coaching Certification. (We will be providing a workbook to track your personal practice hours as well as your Shakti Mentorship hours to qualify for the Shakti Queen Coaching Certification.
  • You will receive advanced training on how to use the AWWL material for personal coaching sessions.
  • Lead some of the exercises at live Shakti Queen Retreats based on submitted practical hours


Shakti Trainer
  • Co-produce Shakti Queen Retreats.
  • Co-teach aspects of the teachings at Shakti Queen Retreats.


Shakti Queen Master Facilitator
  • Lead your own Shakti Queen Retreats autonomously.


Membership Fee:


The Two Training Tracks for the AWWL Online Course
  1. Student Track: You are choosing to utilize this material for personal growth.
  2. Teacher Track: You desire to qualify to teach material from this program and/or ultimately you desire to facilitate your own Shakti Queen Retreats.

How you participate in this course is up to you. If your desire is to teach, please email and provide your full name, email address, and that your desire is to participate in the teacher track.