February 17, 2011

What A Little Spice in the Bedroom Can Do For You

submitted by Amara Charles Back

Bringing a variety of touch into the bedroom to please your lover does not need to be as complicated as fixing an exotic five course dinner. But it is something to remember because it’s so easy to keep to what we know. Of course, if it ain’t broke… True, you may like your lover’s touch, and I hope you do!  But why not add a little spice to your touch today?

Have you ever thought about completely changing the speed, pressure, depth or the lightness of your touch while making love? Can you make your fingers change from feeling like cool water,  earthy and connected, to hot and electric? Want some inspiration on how to bring more intimacy and variety into your relationship?

Listen Now to The Nine Erogenous Zones of the Love Game on the home page in case you missed it.

Arousing our erogenous zones through playful touch not only helps build trust between you and your lover, it makes the game of love intriguing. Listen to this audio to get some sexy ideas about how to tease and arouse your lover to get ready for love.

My 6 Words of Intimacy Today?

Touch My Mind My Body Opens

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In beauty, Amara

Sex and intimacy expert Amara Charles‘ new book The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka will be out in August. For your intimate pleasure at home, download the video: www.touchfortwo.com or come to a Live Couple’s Night 3/25/ 11 in Phoenix.

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