December 6, 2010

Something I am Curious About Sexually- from Sue-

submitted by Amara Charles Back

‘I love this idea!   It is great to see what others say and feel.  I could only answer the first two questions, since number 3 will never happen in my lifetime.    I look forward to reading each new post!’

3 Things that make a magnificent sexual experience:
1.  The fine art of an all day seduction: the glances across the room, the teasing touches, the suggestive movements of your lover. The longer it lasts during the day, the better. Finding suggestive little love notes semi-hidden in the house doesn’t hurt, either.
2.  Being in tune with your partner.  Knowing what feels good to the other without having to ask or think about it.  Long, teasing foreplay…again, the longer, the better
3.  Having that earth-quaking, volcano erupting, tsunami causing orgasm at the same time as your partner.  Whew!!

Something I am curious about sexually:

is how to be multi orgasmic each and every time.  When it happens…WOW!!!  Sheer Heaven!

~ Sue

Amara- On being Orgasmic Every Single Time

Yes, this is a fine thing to be curious about.  Here’s how to make it happen. First, you need to expand your idea about what an orgasm is. If you are looking to experience that tsunami-like explosion each and every time, you will be disappointed and you will miss the orgasms that you ARE having.

You see, as we teach in Quodoushka, there are 8 different types of Orgiastic Expression. This is true for both men and women- we both have very different orgiastic expressions-  but for now, I’ll just speak to women.

Our bodies are naturally in a state of orgasm. When we are healthy, and we are not repressing ourselves, our bodies naturally ripple in a state of subtle waves of life force energy. In this respect, we are like dolphins, who have been wired and monitored to show that they constantly vibrate at high frequencies. It’s the reason people feel so good around dolphins and usually can’t help laugh and smile profusely.  if you’ve ever had the chance to swim with them, or watch them follow the boat, leaping and looking at you as they swim in pods swarming around the bow, you’ll know what I am talking about- they are in a constant state of infectious happy vibration.

Well think of a woman’s body in the same manner- when we feel open, safe and connected, we too are naturally ‘vibrating’ at high frequencies. Now, if you consider ALL these ripples, and trembles as part of your natural sexual orgiasticness, then you will see that you are actually having ‘mini’ orgasms quite often. In other words, if you expand your perception of what an orgasm is to include those rushes, quivers, dips and cresendos of energy you have while you are making love, you will come to see that you already are multi orgiastic.

This is the secret to being multi orgasmic. I liken it to a fire. Yes, you want the warmth of the roaring blaze to warm you to the very core of your being. The way to have more blazing expressions of passion however, is to keep blowing on the coals. Cherish all the small sparks of your body’s pleasure and pretty soon they will grow and expand into more full and complete orgasms. In other words, rather than waiting for the full earth quake orgasm and expecting your body to do the same thing over and over, realize that your body is wise. it knows just type of orgasmic expression you need.

Your job is to open your mind, relax your body, enjoy the pleasure you do have, and then allow different types of orgasms to happen.

p.s This is one subject I am passionate about! But it is a really rich and complex one, and  there are so many more amazing things about your orgasms you can learn. You will get all these teachings in much greater depth if you come to the Quodoushka I workshop. Meantime,  I hope this helps!

In beauty, Amara

My sexual fantasies have not come true. They are with a celebrity, so will never happen.  But my partner does his best to comply.

Well my dear, the way I see it, if we are lucky enough to have somebody to snuggle up next to, it beats flickers of light on the screen every time. While pining over Tom Cruzes, Brad Pits and Denzel Washingtons may stimulate our mind, and it’s great to have fantasies, real live flesh and bones is always more fulfilling in the end. The trick is, rather than let our fantasies distract us, it’s all about learning how to use them to enhance the lovers we can actually touch and feel.

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