February 14, 2011

Slow Touch, the Super Bowl and Chakras

submitted by Amara Charles Back

There is no better way to explore the energy moving through your chakras than by slowing down your touch. Obviously, if we go to fast, we will miss the more subtle sensations of sex- which trust me, you don’t want to miss.

Speaking of missing, I missed my Dad when I was watching the Superbowl. I used to love watching football with him and now I know why- it was totally emotional!  We got to cheer, scream and hug to our hearts delight.

Play the recent game- or any sport- on fast forward and you’ll miss all the emotions that go with it. It’s all about the feelings we get from missed passes, fumbles or touch downs. Play the recent super bowl- or any game- on fast forward. Sure, you can catch the final score, but you’ll miss the best parts.

Slow Down Touch

That’s what sex is like far too often. Only, whenever we zoom past the nuances of sensation in our lovemaking, there’s no one to call for an instant replay. In fact, if you’re going for end zone and you speed past the rises, falls and feelings of sex, you only get half the pleasure. Plus, your partner isn’t having that much fun either and thus the whole exquisite game of love will be harder to play next time.

Sexual intensity- and better sex- comes from feeling all the emotions and energy of sex.

The minute you slow down your touch and forget about the end zone, something wonderful happens. You get to actually enjoy the whole game. Even if you’ve never heard of a chakra (which is a vortex of energy within the body that spins faster when we are stimulated) it doesn’t matter.

Here’s what does matter: wonderful sex brings it all together – touch, sensation, energy and emotion. Whenever you feel connected, horny and happy your chakras spin faster. So, slow down, savor the sweet sensations of love and get into the whole game. You deserve all the pleasure.

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