February 16, 2011

Six Words for Intimacy

submitted by Amara Charles Back
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Touch is the heart of intimacy. Depriving our selves of loving touch is one of the biggest mistakes we can make, because without touching and being touched, everyday stress sky rockets and the mind gets foggy.

Approaching your lover with intimate heartfelt gestures, spontaneously giving your warm and tender embraces  may be the single most important thing you can do to sustain a loving relationship.

Today, my six word for Intimacy are:

Feeling Intimate Moments One by One

What are your 6 words for Intimacy?

In beauty, Amara

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Share your 6 words for intimacy in the Comments section below.

Beth says

It’s not in my ear you whisper but my heart, It’s not my lips you kiss but my soul

amara says

Hi Russ,
Perhaps six words is tough to put meaning to!
But it IS a start for people to pause for about 1 sec to consider.
I figure, this bit of thought just might lead to more. 🙂

Kristopher Lodge says

A wink, a shift of the hip, my concentration begins to slip

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