February 15, 2012

Shyena Is an Ambassador for Himalayan Stove Project

submitted by Amara Charles Back

Shyena Venice- Chief Ambassador

Shyena is a resourceful, multi-talented, multi-faceted, empathetic person who cares deeply for people and connects with them, masterfully, in  a natural and charming fashion – whether one-on-one or in a group setting. She is our perfect “Chief Ambassador.”

She was born in Rhode Island and grew up on the rugged Maine coast, where she spent hours as mate on her father’s lobster boat (when she wasn’t snatching blueberries from the bears).  Tragically her parents both died when she was 20, so “big sister” had to drop out of college and raise her two younger sisters and brother and got them successfully launched in life.

Shyena is a true “citizen of the world”, having traveled extensively on all the continents (except the big, icy one) and lived, for years, in London, the Canary Islands and New Zealand (where she has “permanent resident” status).

The ultimate “survivor”, she has a terrific and varied skill set earned in the “school of life.”  She is a graduate of the London-based European School of Massage and Aroma Therapy and has more than 20 years experience in thenatural healing arts, as an intuitive healer and educator.  She has a passion for helping women around the world increase their sexual awareness and health through her lectures, workshops, personal counseling and the “model” she presents so beautifully of her own natural, holistic lifestyle.  Her passionate love is music (Music is the language of the soul.) and is a gifted drummer and percussionist who has performed internationally for many years.

Shyena is an active adventurer who travels around the world snow-boarding, trekking and climbing.  Her extended visit to Nepal and Bhutan in the summer of 2011 brought her into the world of the Himalayan Stove Project.  We are truly fortunate to have her as our dedicated “Chief Ambassador.”

Shyena Venice is an accomplished musician, healing practitioner and sexual health facilitator.

A graduate of the European School of Massage and Aromatherapy in London, England, Shyena has over 20 years experience in the natural healing arts. Understanding the needs of men and women, her passion is to facilitate workshops that offer practical tools to improve the sex and intimacy in their relationships.

That unique understanding coupled with her business acumen has helped her become one of the pioneers of promoting healthy sexual products for women.

She promotes socially conscious company’s that contribute regularly to women’s sexual education and recovery from both HIV Aids and Cancer.

Shyena shares her passion for helping women around the world increase their sexual awareness and health by embarking on a journey of a holistic lifestyle. She shares her knowledge and expertise through her live events, classes and online blog contributions.

Shyena has two other passions that make everything else she does matter: she is an active adventurer who loves to travel around the world snow boarding, hiking and climbing mountains.

Her true love is music. She is a gifted percussionist and has performed internationally for many years.

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