Inspiration for Shiva Shakti

I think we take the leap in coming to a sex and intimacy workshop because deep down we would really like to say ‘yes’ a lot more often. But there are things in the way and it’s not always easy to express love and passion the way we’d like to. Shiva Shakti was created for curious seekers who want to explore, and who want to find ways to have more ‘yesses’, more pleasure, joy and ecstasy in your intimate life.

What if you had the right key to open a partner’s heart, mind or body in the right way at the right time?

What if you could see which of your differences with a lover cause you to avoid getting closer, and which ones could actually increase your attraction?

Over the last twenty-five years presenting spiritual sexuality workshops, I’ve been experimenting during my private coaching sessions with certain detailed lessons I’ve given to those who have yet to join me in a workshop and also to graduates to help them integrate their Quodoushka experience. I discovered fascinating ways to streamline teachings and created a remarkable set of experiences that not only are a pleasure to do, they’ve proven to be extremely effective in helping both singles and couples start a whole new chapter of possibility in their intimate lives.

The truth is, most of our intimate difficulties, our inability to connect the way we’d like to, happen because we do not really understand what the other needs. With all good intentions, we often try giving what we like and assume our partner wants the same. The trouble is, our approach, including the things we say or don’t say, the way we listen, or the timing of our touch misses the mark. Like finding keys that open a locked door, Shiva Shakti will give you practical guidance on what to shift in your speech, your eyes, and your touch, as well as why and how to give space to a lover.

I created Shiva Shakti to inspire a revolution in your intimate life – to really enhance what is working and turnaround what is not working for you. My passion is to inspire a benevolent revolution fueled by having greater, self-acceptance, self-confidence and compassion. I want to give both men and woman practical ways to make major changes without blaming or fighting. That’s why all the practices in Shiva Shakti are designed to heal and transform the differences that keep us separate and closed into opportunities to connect on a higher level.

  • Move beyond the past and create a fresh start in your intimate relationships.
  • Have more energy and inspiration to bring to your family, friends and lovers.
  • Learn how to ‘lean into’ differences by using communication that works.
  • Practice sharing your words, your eyes, your touch and your heart to increase your confidence
  • Learn and practice new skills that make you a better lover.
  • Experience a whole new way to have more meaningful sensual experiences.
  • Solutions to the Five Major Differences that keep partners apart.
  • Teachings and exercises to Identify Your Unique Lover’s Type.
  • Time to reflect and get clear about what you need for more intimate pleasure.
  • Ceremony to forgive, heal and transform past misunderstandings and mistakes.
  • Exercises to increase your sensitivity and ability to both give and receive pleasure.
  • Practical guidance on how to connect even when you like different approaches and have different desires than a partner.
  • The six kinds of sensuous touch to bring fresh energy in your love life
  • Easy and fun ancient techniques to become a more masterful lover.
  • Step-by-step guidance to increase your sexual health and vitality.
  • Proven tools to create good sexual agreements – whether you have a relationship or are looking for one.


There are no prerequisites for this workshop.

If you’re interested in exploring sacred sexuality and have been looking for a safe place with loving support, then you’re ready for a Shiva Shakti.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. We’ve had many Quodoushka graduates experience the different teachings, practices and ceremony in our Shiva Shakti workshops. It’s both an introduction and a great way to integrate sexuality from other workshops you may have attended.
Actually, both Quodoushka and Shiva Shakti are introductions to sacred sexuality,
One reason we call Shiva Shakti an introduction is because it is
currently a 2 ½ day workshop whereas Quodoushka workshops are 3 ½ or more days.

As in Quodoushka, Shiva Shakti offers a variety of solo, partnered and group exercises. However, in Shiva Shakti workshops we offer a more gradual approach to sacred sexuality, with more emphasis on relationship agreements and conversations as well as the foundational aspects of getting clear about what you need and want in your intimate life. Furthermore, for both singles and couples, Shiva Shakti offers an introduction to Qigong energy practices that increase libido and sexual vitality.
There are no exercises in Shiva Shakti that require nudity, or that are sexually explicit.

As with all our programs, there is never anything anyone is ever asked to do that they do not choose to do. In fact, much of the emphasis in our programs is to create a safe space to get clear about what you want and what you don’t want, and then having the time to practice expressing this.

Our focus in Shiva Shakti is for personal healing, and for practicing asking for what you need. While there are no exercises in Shiva Shakti that require nudity, or that are sexually explicit, some couples who have been together for many years may have different considerations than others who may be meeting for the first time. Because Shiva Shakti is for both singles and couples, nudity may be a choice for some and may not be a choice for others.

We have a extensive experience and take great care to create a safe, respectful place where we honor each person’s personal choices.
Shiva Shakti is for those who wish to experience a safe place to learn and explore more about themselves sexually than they may have even known was possible.

For Singles:
Shiva Shakti is a great way to clear the past and pave the way for new relationships.

It’s also a way to take pride in how far you’ve come and to see where there is still room to learn more about love, sex and intimacy.

For those who are actively dating and to those not so active, Shiva Shakti is the boost of confidence you need to be seen, heard and felt by others who may be in the same place as you. And for those currently dating several people, Shiva Shakti will give you reflections about where you are shining strong and where you need to increase your skills as a friend and lover.

For Couples:
Whether you’ve been together many years or your connection is new, Shiva Shakti offers you a way to devote time for you and your togetherness. The very act of your choosing to take the time for each other in this special way says it all.

At times, Shiva Shakti will be a celebration, a kind of ‘honeymoon’ where you get to see each other differently, and you get to explore practices to connect in new ways. In this way, Shiva Shakti is a chance to give your relationship fresh meaning and purpose, for all the exercises are designed to generate mutual vitality, pleasure and love.

Other times, Shiva Shakti will be a clearing, sweeping the floor for the dust that accumulates in any relationship. It’s a sacred space where understanding, compassion and pleasure has a chance to be expressed.

For Singles and Couples
Thus, Shiva Shakti ~ Introduction to Sacred Sexuality is a place of possibility where we celebrate intimate victories and surprising breakthroughs of sensitivity and passion. It offers the tools, teachings and practices that will keep you from making the same mistakes over and over again. It will give you insights and understanding that will lift the next chapters of your sexual life to a whole new level of possibility. Creating more meaningful, passionate and more enduring relationships does not happen by accident for lucky people. Great relationships happen because you’ve done your work to become more inviting and you’ve done what it takes to listen and to communicate your hearts desires in ways that work. It all begins with you.
Shiva Shakti is open to singles and couples of any sexual preference. We honor and teach that we all have a choice about what kind of relationship we could best learn and grow from. It’s one of the most accepting and loving spaces you will find to celebrate, share and express who you truly are.

If you have questions or concerns about how you would like to participate, our staff is ready to help you before, during, and after the Shiva Shakti.

We speak personally with each person who attends to ensure this program is right for them.
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Testimonials – What graduates have
to say about Shiva Shakti


“I learned more about what women want in this one weekend than all the books and workshops I‘ve attended over the last 30 years. But, beyond the knowledge gain, was the amazing creation of a warm, secure and comforting community of loving sentients. To bask in this energy was a truly remarkable experience.”

Chun Tsu – New Zealand

“Amara signs her letters with “In Beauty” and that is what this course was about. It showed us male and feminine beauty - human beauty. Amara and Shyena brought their inner glow and beauty into our group and by sharing it, brought out each person’s own beauty. By creating this special atmosphere everyone was touched and gently dared to delve deeper into the exploration of more beauty - much heart and sensitivity - great fun - much laughter.”

Henrietta, Golden Bay Retreat, New Zealand

“A profound weekend of sweet associations with liked minded people. Loved it!”

Esther, California, USA

“Amara and Shyena are the embodiment of their teachings. Their co-facilitation is a dance of humor, compassion and a deep respect for each other. They created an environment that felt safe to explore in and supported us all in being who we were in each moment. It was a great privilege to learn alongside them.”

Heather, Psychologist, Sante Fe, USA

“The subtle way in which these teachings have been presented allowed me to ponder very deeply. The teachings are profoundly practical in every way. I felt very comfortable in my own exploration in knowing there was no wrong or right - only a middle way.”

Luis, Arizona, USA

“A wonderful way to learn about sex and life. Turned into a sensuous weekend. Way to go Amara & Shyena!”

Stephanie, Croatia

“The Shiva Shakti workshop at Santa Fe Soul led by Amara Charles, assisted by Shyena Venice, is a heartfelt, intelligent, and wise introduction to sacred sexuality. We were invited, never forced, to explore our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves—alone and with others. A beautiful experience!”

Glenn – Sante Fe, USA

“For twenty five years I have taken health oriented workshops and I finally found what I was looking for in Amara Charles Shiva Shakti workshop. This sexual cultivation and healing workshop rocked my world. Not only did I heal shame, blame and fear from my past but I opened myself up to the fullness of my sexual and intimate nature, the flow state to pleasure that has always been my birthright. “

Robyn – Utah, USA

“It’s one thing to travel to a new place and experience your beautiful energy experience and lessons. It’s a joy to be seen, felt and witnessed by your consistent beauty in the place I now call home. Thanks and please let me know what I can do to help make Santa Fe another home you get to visit often. See you in a month in Texas (only you could get me to go there). Full of love, . . .

This has been a great experience in shared pleasure and using the heart to guide my experience in giving and receiving pleasure. The ceremony allowed me to honor my pain and let go of what holds me back from giving and receiving. The dance reminded me that I am capable of receiving loving and caring touch. What I truly appreciated was that Amara and Shyena taught me about what I already have in love, knowledge and pleasure. I also appreciate and am so grateful for the reminder to come back to myself when imbalance occurs. With love and gratitude,”

Glory – Texas, USA

“I liked that this was more experience oriented and that it was so evocative of emotional release and emotional connection. I would have enjoyed more exposure to the chi gung for sexual restoration and would have enjoyed being able to take the exercises home in the form of photocopies or videos. I loved the space that was created that allowed people to express in an open, vulnerable manner. I was left with wanting a bit more from the weekend and wondering how more could have been included. Maybe we could extend the Sunday session until 5:00 pm.”

Jonathan – New York, USA
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