The Inspiration Behind Shakti Queen

I believe happiness in our intimate relationships can change the world. It’s also true that most human suffering comes from feeling unhappy with our closest connections. It’s no secret women thrive by having good relationships, and we wither away without them. Yet, an Alpha Woman, an empowered woman, a Shakti Queen does not entirely define herself solely through her relationships. She realizes that what matters are not the type of relationship she may have, it is the way she relates within each relationship that matters.

The fastest way we can change the world is by changing the way women relate to life. That is, when each woman rejects her lack of worthiness, when she refuses to keep doing what does not work, she begins to sense an immense possibility of an entirely different way of moving through experience. This emerging awareness usually comes as a result of some crisis, after a long period of ‘sleep’ or after hitting certain walls so many times she finally says, ‘enough’. She starts to see that the very things she saw as major roadblocks are actually crossroads to new ways of relating with life.

Sometimes boldly, sometimes awkwardly, she begins the real revolution. She starts to own her remarkable ability to feel. Instead of being blown over or pressed down by overwhelming feelings, indecisive, conflicting emotions and the constant build up of more things to do, she starts to crave another way. Instinctively, she starts seeking something new. Things have been too hard, too harsh and there’s been too much struggle. She has a nose for death, and she knows something has to give.

This woman starts to revolt. If she’s smart, she’ll skip the unimportant, petty revolts and go for the big ones, such as refusing to close her eyes to lies. She refuses going into ‘Cinderella’s sleep’ whenever she meets a challenge unknown to her. Instead of waiting for Prince Charming to wake her from her unfelt dreams, she starts to feel. At all costs, she feels. She starts to move with change instead of fighting it. She leans into what she resists and she starts to open. When she’s ready she moves directly into what challenges her most.

When women do this the world evolves into a happier, more mature place to live.

These are the thoughts woven into the fabric of the last many years that have inspired Shakti Queen retreats ~ a place for women to evolve into the mysterious, magical beings we are.

Shakti Queen is about discovering a softer and more loving way to nourish your Shakti – the female principle of divine energy. It’s about how to birth your dreams in a uniquely feminine way by calling forth the powerful energies we possess as women. It’s experiential. It’s empowering. It’s about filling your basket with such nourishing self-love – you begin to ‘pour over’ with the passion and wisdom you need to walk your way in the world.

Amara Charles, with Shyena Venice and a team of committed women created Shakti Queen, accomplishing a dream of many years to gather together and empower women who are waking up to their full possibilities – who wish to keep evolving into the magical, mysterious feminine beauty they are.

Presenting their masterful blend of little known feminine spiritual practices taught to them by a variety of female teachers from the Buddhist, White Tigress and Sweet Medicine shamanic traditions over the last 25 years, Shakti Queen is a unique combination of teachings, practices, and ceremony introducing women to a whole new way of nourishing their feminine, receptive – creative yin essence – which is a softer, and ultimately far more natural way for women to move in the world.
The focus of each Shakti Queen retreat is to embody our divine feminine energy, refresh our natural vitality, and discover the wisdom, magic and power of our erotic intelligence.

Shakti Queen is taught as a series of women’s empowerment retreats with each module highlighting different lessons. Certain feminine principles and practices stream through every retreat, and each module contains a series of transformational ceremonial experiences designed to generate personal breakthroughs that allow you to bring balance, beauty and prowess into your world.

Retreats 1 – 3 do not need to be taken in a specific order and can be attended when you are able to join us. Modules 4 – 5 require the prerequisites Retreats 1-3.

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Discovering the power of feminine manifestation

For this women’s empowerment retreat, Amara Charles and Shyena Venice will present feminine teachings to help you discover a softer and more loving way to nourish your Shakti – the female principle of divine energy. It’s about how to birth your dreams in a uniquely feminine way. You will experience how to turnaround doubt, shed body shame and plant fresh new seeds to manifest your dreams. Together, in a wonderful sisterhood circle, we will share stories of courage and beauty and celebrate our divine goddess energies. Becoming a Shakti Queen is experiential. It’s empowering. It’s about filling your basket with such nourishing self-love – you begin to pour over with the passion and wisdom you need to walk your way in the world.

Birthing the Goddess is designed for women who want to:

  • Reduce stress and tension.
  • Nourish your heart, feed your spirit and let yourself relax.
  • Heal and shift doubt into stories of courage and beauty.
  • Shed body shame and feel good inside your skin.
  • Find your voice and speak your truth.
  • Celebrate your creativity by sharing who you are.
  • Find solutions that work for persistent problems.
  • Increase your health and vitality – the feminine, yin way.
  • Enjoy nourishing friendships with a new circle of women who see your inner beauty because they see their own.

You will learn how to:

  • Use your feminine Yin energy to reduce stress, anxiety and tension.
  • Naturally balance hormones and increase your libido with Qigong practices.
  • Use a Jade Egg to increase your masculine Yang vitality.
  • Manifest your dreams by planting seeds of compassion.
  • Express your authentic feminine power and grace.
  • Creatively birth one of the nine different kinds of children.
  • Learn White Tigress Taoist secrets for health and longevity.
  • Practice easy ways to increase your physical vitality.
  • Nourish the heart of your intimate relationships.
  • Bring more spirit, care and beauty back to your family and friends.

If you’re interested in feeling fully supported to express your dreams and desires and make profound shifts in your world as an empowered woman, then you are ready for Shakti Queen – Birthing the Goddess.


Healing our relations with the men we love

The Dragon King is about healing our conflicts with the masculine. It’s about understanding our differences and learning how to activate and awaken our inner feminine magic. This Shakti Queen retreat features shamanic ceremony to uplift each of your important relationships with men in your life. We’re going to discover how to bring out the best in the men we love and learn what’s needed to enchant our Dragon Kings. We will dip our toes into the awesome prowess of the divine Shakti Goddess and have a blast shining together in this special Shakti Sisterhood gathering.

The Dragon King is designed for women who want to:

  • Discover what’s needed to enchant Dragon Kings – learn how to bring out the best in the men you love.
  • Heal personal wounds with the masculine.
  • Nourish your divine feminine wisdom.
  • Transform old pain stories into understanding and forgiveness.
  • Let go of what blocks you from owning your real feminine beauty.
  • Find out how to use softness to manifest your heart’s desires with ease and grace.
  • Begin new practices that make you feel clear, healthy and happy.
  • Open the Dharma Door to balanced feminine and masculine energy.

You will experience:

  • Dragon King teachings for empowered relations with men.
  • Goddess Ceremony to release shame and past pain that stops you from asking for what you want.
  • Ways to give voice to your heart – the divine feminine inside you.
  • Dream Harvesting to share the magic of our dreams.
  • Jade Egg Qigong exercises to increase sexual prowess.
  • White Tigress health methods for uplifting vitality and health.
  • Devotional chants and meditation to strengthen your spirit.
  • Friendship with a new circle of women hungry to heal and create empowering relationships with the men in their lives.

There are no prerequisites for this retreat.

What happens when the magic is missing in our daily lives?

Nothing seems very exciting. It’s a struggle to say yes to pleasure, we distract ourselves and we avoid admitting something feels off. It’s as if our mouths are covered with a dull film so we can’t ask for what we really want and we can’t stop those critical, cranky thoughts in our heads. We resist playing, we feel sluggish and there’s hardly any laughter. Most of all, even though there may be loving people around, we can’t summon the energy to fully let go, to melt, or to have fun.

When we are in touch with our magic, annoying tyrants are easily cast away and we’ve got the power to face our worst obstacles. We feel shiny and light and our friends want to be with us. We can afford to buy clothes or things for our Queendom that make us feel attractive. Our relationships feel easy, intimate, warm and sexy. When our magical mojo is humming, we’ve got the strength to make the right decisions at the right time.

Do only some women have this wonderful ‘magic’?

Absolutely not. We can all have much less tension and experience the prevailing inner peace that comes when our natural magic is alive and well, but we must learn how to push less and allow more so that we can relax, open and enjoy the gifts life offers to us. The truth is, there are specific steps we must take to live within the stream of our feminine magic. First, we must know exactly what dulls us down and keeps us stuck in pain. Then we must dare to vividly imagine our heavenly queendom and we must make up our minds to never settle for anything less.

Is this easy? No. It requires hard work and it comes from knowing that victory is assured once we know precisely how to use our feminine powers correctly.

Can we do this by ourselves?

In my opinion, it’s impossible to sustain a magical life alone. We cannot only look into the mirror of ourselves, we need others to see us, to know us and to support the very best in us.

That’s what we are offering in this special Magical Queen Retreat.


Discover the Hidden Jewels of Your Magical Queen

Using feminine fairy tales to unravel the tangled confusions we carry with the key players in our lives, we are going to delve into the archetypes of our shadow where we will discover precious gems hidden in the velvety folds of our psyche. This is where the Magical Queen resides.
This special women’s empowerment retreat features shamanic reflective ceremony, qigong health exercises, feminine spiritual practices and meditations to heal and transform your life by learning to use the tools you need to thrive in a changing world.

The Magical Queen is for women that want to:
  • Learn how to face your tyrants with power.
  • Brandish the sword of truth to cutaway dead branches of sluggish pity that no longer serves you.
  • Delve into the velvet shadows and dare to experience the magic inside yourself.
  • Discover how awakening your Shakti brings profound victory and joy into your family, finances and relationships.
  • Embody your power as a Shakti Queen.
You will learn how to:
  • Breathe life into the dull zones of your life so you can clearly see what you came here to do.
  • Identify fantasies and illusions that keep you in pain so you can open to the joy you deserve.
  • Count Coop – over those who seem to block your way so you can be who you really are.
  • Stand up with confidence to change what prevents you from feeling magically alive.
  • Bring compassion and healing light into the darkness of your shadow.
  • Strengthen your Shakti power with feminine Qigong practices.
  • Release heavy burdens that keep you from feeling lovely and divine.
  • Turn your resistance to pleasure around so you can let love in.
  • Celebrate in Sisterhood Ceremony to find your voice and strengthen your inner love.
  • Practice devotional chants and meditations that will awaken the magic your spirit.

There are no prerequisites for this retreat.

Awakening the Warrior Within

In this epic women’s gathering celebrating our divine feminine intelligence, we will be deepening our immersion into the transformational realms of Shakti. We will delve into the shadows to find the one thing we dare to birth inside ourselves. Ceremonies and teachings will focus on how to empower our relations with the men as well as heal wounds with the sisters in our lives. Shakti IV is called the Warrior Queen because we will brandish our swords of truth and beauty to cutaway the dead branches of sluggish pity that no longer serves us. We will nourish the heart of our Warrior Queen with compassion as we dance together in the glory of our natural selves. If there is interest, we will also expose some of the secrets of how to express our erotic power from the White Tigress teachings.

The Warrior Queen is for women who want to:

  • Embody the unique presence of your Shakti Queen.
  • Learn White Tigress health methods to increase your feminine power.
  • Clear distractions that keep you from the lightning bolt path.
  • Celebrate in sisterhood ceremony to nourish the fires of devotion.
  • Discover the gifts of your Shakti catlike nature.
  • To nourish your spirit.

The Warrior Queen Retreat Features:

  • Refinement of Shakti sexual restoration practices.
  • Ceremonial Rites of Passage.
  • Individual advice on personal spiritual practice.
  • Creation of Your Goddess Wheel of Beauty and Power.
  • An introduction to Shakti Warrior ~ The Fires of Devotion.
  • And of course, enjoy good food, good rest and share your gifts with amazing sisters.

Initiation into a new paradigm ~ pilot

This special women’s empowerment features the cherries of each Shakti Queen retreat and will serve as our pilot training program for Shakti Queens. We will include teachings and practices from all our Shakti Queen retreats including Birthing the Goddess, Dragon King, Shadow Queen and Warrior Queen retreats. We will also include a special initiation ceremony for Shakti Queens who would like to embark on the journey of becoming a Shakti Queen Instructor. This program is currently in development. The initial pre requisite for attending this pilot initiation and training program is attending at least any two other Shakti Queen Retreats. To apply for attendance to this retreat, please Email Me

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Frequently Asked Questions

Shakti Queen Retreats present Amara’s blend of women’s empowerment teachings from female teachers from several traditions. The Quodoushka workshops present the spiritual sexuality teachings from the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path of Turtle Island.

In Shakti Queen, although the subject of relationships, intimacy and increasing sexual energy may be discussed during every retreat, the focus is on empowering our dreams, creativity and feminine presence. All of the teachings, ceremonies and practices within Shakti Queen Retreats are designed to improve feminine health and vitality. Thus, there are no sexual partner exercises as there are within the Quodoushka Workshops.
Of course we think you should attend both because Quodoushka workshops and Shakti Queen retreats are very different. Beyond presenting teachings specifically designed to empower women, Shakti Queen retreats offer a special opportunity to experience how amazing it feels to be connected with a warm and nourishing sisterhood circle. Every woman who is ready to make changes and set sail on new adventures needs the inspiration and support of her sisters to keep spreading her wings.

Many women who attend Shakti Queen return home with so much energy and joy, they naturally want to share new things with their partners, daughters and friends. Here’s one of the many comments we received from a gentleman who’s daughter and partner attended the Shakti Queen ~ Dragon King retreat:

“You are healing the world, one woman at a time. For me to have had my daughter under your wisdom and guidance, I am deeply grateful. In short and simple ease, I mean I love you big! :) - Rodney
Yes. Shakti Queen is open to all sexual preferences. We honor and teach that we all have a choice about what kind of relationship we could best learn and grow from. It’s one of the most accepting and loving spaces you will find to celebrate, share and express who you truly are.

If you have questions or concerns about how you would like to participate, our staff is ready to help you before, during, and after the Shakti Queen.
First of all, in all Shakti Queen retreats there is never anything that you must do; we encourage and support every woman to make choices that are right for her. There is no nudity required at any of our Shakti Queen retreats. There are individual women who may choose to participate in certain ceremonies without clothing as an empowering way of healing and increasing their self-acceptance, self-worth and self-love.
While we do not provide a schedule for Shakti Queen, this is the general flow of the 2 1/2 day workshop (unless it is extended and it states that in the flyer).

Please Note: These are just the bare bones of what happens in Shakti Queen. (I have intentionally left out some of the most unique, fun and special things that happen during the weekend. Why? Because some people just love to be surprised).

Also each Shakti Queen teacher may position topics and exercises in their own unique way. Every Shakti Queen Retreat includes these essential teachings, exercises and practices:

First Evening
We open with introductions and we dive into the first teaching. We use this teaching to share and listen to everyone’s intent for being here. This is followed by a ceremony to help everyone set their own intention for the weekend.

We also create specific agreements for the group including the rules for confidentiality. This ensures our rules of engagement during the weekend provide a safe container and a safe environment for each person to learn.

First Day
We begin the morning with a Dream Harvest and teachings to get to know each other, open our senses and balance our energy.

Teachings are followed with exercises that bring these teachings into the body, such as Qigong or White Tigress exercises that show us how to use our energy centers.

We serve a beautiful lunch each day.

The rest of the day is devoted to expanding our concept and awareness of what it means to be a Shakti Queen and delve deeper into the theme of that module with teachings, exercises and ceremony. The day is packed with information and activity, and we do run late into the evening.

Second Day
This is an amazing day of discovering new things about your feminine beauty and power.

We introduce interactive, experiential teachings as well as a variety of feminine healing practices to help us ground, feel and express a more empowered sense of self.

The afternoon is devoted to personal questions, afternoon tea and a special closing ceremony that is designed to help you connect more deeply to your Shakti Queen and return home to family and friends in beauty.
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Testimonials – What graduates have
to say about Shakti Queen




I love your warmth and healing humor, amazing insights and funny stories to back them up. I love the teachings from all the different traditions, it felt rich. I love all the ceremonies and physical exercises. I love the way you clearly see and receive people’s energy and can offer them (& me!) the perfect guidance! MOST valuable! Namaste! Many, many thanks.


I loved the retreat. I had no idea what to expect and was much more than pleasantly surprised. The grandmothering, introduction to the wheels (lightening bolt and goddess deck), and dharma warrior ceremony were my favorite parts, aside from just being able to hang out with such down to earth and open women. The whole weekend was extremely refreshing and invigorating. It took me a while to come back to the real world after such a magical experience! My body, heart, mind and spirit are more open than I’ve ever felt. It’s hard to describe in words this powerful shift I still feel after one short weekend. You and Amara did an outstanding job hosting and leading us through some pretty powerful stuff


Thank you so much, Kelly and Amara! This was a magical weekend, and I’m really excited to dive into this path with you guys. Kelly – your place is amazing and I felt so welcomed the whole time. Thank you.


This was the most wonderful weekend…to be able to express my negative issues out loud and go through the cutting away of them and others is my hope that I will be able to continue this process. That was only the beginning—by facing negativities about myself, especially how they interfere with my femininity really did open the door for me to be free to express myself during the photo exercise. And the lodge —I hope I can continue to process and keep out those tapes and feelings that stiffly my creativity and femininity. There were so many firsts for me—ceremony, seat, being challenged in a safe and loving environment. Thank you both.


Relief from the pain of my father/daughter relationship. The healing ceremony was a huge release for me. The entire experience was amazing. I am in awe of each and every Goddess in attendance. They have all touched me in profound ways and I am forever changed. I want to feel more like a Goddess. My masculine side is still overpowering.

Katie Ames, “Raven Heart”

Great! Hard work. Lots of laughter. Beautiful mirrors. Lots of wonderful teachings. Beautiful floor sweeping—challenging.
Yes, help those of us who are “different,” meaning our children, our animals, work, community, feel and connect with what is a mainstream feminine experience, i.e. marriage, kids, etc.

This weekend has been wonderful. I really enjoyed Sunday where we did breast exercises and the beauty exercise. Thank you so much, this weekend has helped so much and was exceptional. And the food was delicious!


Women mentoring each other opens a space to go deeper. Love the extra day for relaxed sharing, giving, receiving of services. Great combination of ceremony and teachings. More sexual teachings of pleasing a man and his erogenous zones.

I feel refreshed, so free to be me. I feel ready to communicate my sexual needs with my partner as I feel more connected and comfortable with my body. I feel more connected to women. . . to the Shakti Queen within them and more able to connect with my sisters. I feel gratitude for this space being provided, gratitude for the women here at Shakti Queen and gratitude for my path in life. I feel excited to express my sensuality and creativity!


Thank you ladies for choreographing this weekend retreat. It was filled with learning, laughter, deep sharing, spirituality, but more than anything a feeling and a way of being that I will carry with me. (I was/am the Woman of Feeling.) That feeling in my body is the change and the great gift you have given me and the thing that I hope others will feel and will ripple out into the world. With Love, gratitude, a hug & a kiss,


My first “aha” moment was during the comparison of male/female partnering/parenting. The yang energy was explained in a new light. I was getting at certain aspects in my own reflections of how I could change, but this was so helpful.

Second was the ceremony on Saturday. I always come to things of this nature focused on something/someone and the problems I am facing are never so immediate, they lie buried in deeper histories and this became apparent during the ceremony. Now I know why I am holding back from men and not allowing myself to really love or even accept love. The seat was amazing. Pairing up/partnering up was really good. Great age balances here, got a lot from being around people younger and older than me.


This was a wonderful, wonderful experience! Words cannot describe what you ladies aided me in. I have transformed into who I have always wanted to be. I have never been so comfortable with my body before, so confident in my relations with the masculine and so in touch with my femininity. Never before would I have opened up like I did! As woman of Fire Spirit I truly did expand and become a new woman! Every part of this workshop was beneficial and important. I wish we would have had more time to go through more information like the different types of vaginas, etc. I look forward to learning more from you in the future. Thanks for helping me get closer to my femininity, aka myself. I think the QiGong was great in the morn as well! Whoo! Love you. I think the medicine well is a crucial part of feeling connected with the fellow women and opening up around them/to them. Also through this workshop I have been able to let go of my judgments of women’s bodies and only see the beauty that they withheld and represent! Yay!


As a Shakti Queen I feel valued and appreciated as a woman. I learned what I need to manifest at this point in my life. I learned many exercises that will help me focus more on myself. As a young woman, I always worry about how people view me, who my next partner will be, and mending broken relationships. I realized that all these things will happen when they are supposed to. All these women in the workshop I have felt some sort of connection with and see them as wise women. I have felt my magnetic power and feel refreshed and renewed after this weekend. Thank you so much Amara! Being in your presence always brings beauty within the room. All my love


Amazing—I don’t want it to be over—I feel so ready to absorb more knowledge/wisdom/teachings to unveil and see and touch more and more of WHO I AM and how I can/choose/will be in the world. I know I am excited to go home to BE with my husband and explore our relationship on so many levels—giving him more space to be/explore himself (me loosening my control over everything). Letting him doing loving/protecting/providing things for me. My womb does feel cleansed, open and empty—ready to begin from a new beginning and gather/fill new stories of self-love, passionate, intimate relationship with my husband and harmony. I also know I have some other deeply held issues of my self value/self worth/who I am in this world that I desire to focus on in a ceremonial way in the future. I feel nurtured, open, grounded. I know that this is the way women grow together, love each other and change the world.


This was a vacation retreat that was meant to be! I knew of Amara but no in depth info on her teachings but there comes a time when the spirit longs for food. It was that to me and the time I came across this teaching. . . a week before it was due to happen. I would definitely recommend to any female regardless of her walk in life. It’s the perfect toolbox for the feminine path. HO! Thank you, Amara and Shyena and Kelly for creating this space of nourishment, pruning, reminder of the feminine. Blessings,


I feel liberated more than I have in the past. Being in an environment with women as true female beings expressed fully is so wonderful. I know how to see myself as an Elder, as a beautiful alive woman, wild and expansive. I feel grateful to Kelly for opening her home. I also feel gratitude for your lessons, Amara, and your graciousness. You know how to be present with each of us in a way that is raw and open and accepting. You are a Goddess exemplified. Namaste,

Nancy Baker
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