November 16, 2012

Shakti Queen – By Kelly Jumping Mouse

submitted by Amara Charles Back

Creating a Community of Women
The idea for this retreat emerged from a need in our community for women to be nourished.  In January I became a leader in Janneke’s 12 Women in 2012 project.  After forming a group of women locally I quickly became aware of how challenged women were in making time for themselves. Since the release of Amara Charles’ the Sexual Practices of Quodoushka, I have kept extra copies around at Lodge gatherings. Curious women from our circle began purchasing them, and there seemed to be enough interest to host a workshop for women.  When Amara and I began brainstorming ideas for a women’s retreat we immediately thought of becoming Queens for a weekend.  How can ordinary women, wives, mothers, and grandmothers, feel like a queen in the midst of coping with career, family, and sudden life situations that demand our time and attentions? As the pace of life increases, how do we create the life and relationships we desire and be nourished not depleted.  Amara Keeps the Fire had the answer.  We would incorporate feminine spiritual practices with feminine intelligence. Shakti energy! The workshop was to be a wonderful blend of Amara’s unique Taoist and Shamanic knowledge of the feminine.

Now, anyone who has ever hosted a workshop may relate to the angst and joy of the process.  Our subject was seemingly broad and lofty.  Women wanted to know exactly what to expect at the workshop and so did I.  Amara mysteriously gave me little to pass on but I assured all that if you come it will be awesome, and that her style was to adapt the teachings to the needs of the women that show up.  The adventurous ones did come!

Our circle began by passing the marriage basket.  Speaking from our wombs we voiced our vulnerability and desires as women. We were maidens, matriarchs, and crones.  The gift of our varied ages, experiences, and deep level of sharing, created a potential for accelerated learning and growth.  We were quickly in the crystal matrix!  Women let go of their inhibitions and pushed their normal boundaries into the unknown.  We gently opened and unfolded our challenges and our brilliance. This retreat planted many fertile seeds in our community that will one day manifest and ripple out into the circle of each woman that participated.  Sharing our gifts of beauty with others ensures that we can attract, manifest, sustain, and honor the divine feminine within each of us.

When Spirit Canoe Lodge was created in 2010 it was the culmination of landing after a big personal jump into the unknown, ready or not.  My passion to encourage others to make their own jump is what keeps me going and the intent of this Lodge.  Many hours are spent creating a space for this to happen and I am rewarded when those that do come go home brighter and lighter than when they showed up.  The gifts this particular workshop gave me reaffirm a deep knowing of who I am and the more that I jump and shine, the more I will attract and manifest with ease.

Spirit Canoe Lodge, North Carolina

Kelly Jumping Mouse

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Amara says

Thank You Kelly! It was an amazing retreat, and I hope your community continues to grow and flourish. With your vision and power, I know it will!

stefi kaplan says

What an uplifting workshop! I really enjoyed developing my femininity and connecting with other women. Thanks Amara and Kelly!

Amara says

Thank you Stefi! It was great indeed. Hope you are staying in touch with some of the Shakti women, and I hope we get to do that again next year. blessings and love, Amara

Victoria Anton says

I have been reminded of the insight to embrace the beauty and femininity that is our enate ability to utilize in our heart and spirit. I found myself going into a space of fear leaving in pure gratitude. Thank you Amara & Kelly for a retreat that will continue to ripple into the lives of those we touch.


anon says

Sitting in the first Tigress Yoga circle in a 1 day workshop ignited a flame in my being that said YES to Shakti and wanted more. Journeying with Tigress Yoga has awoken those sleeping feminine jewels within me allowing me to fully express and celebrate all parts of my being.

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