November 23, 2013

From a recent Q Graduate

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From a recent Q Graduate: Grace Purusha, Maui Life Coach

I have been deeply touched and affected by my recent experience at Quodoshka.  I had attended the Q 30 years ago. At that time it was the most expansive training I could have imagined. And yet, at this time in my maturity, I feel the messages of this path were even more richly applicable.

The expertise of Amara, and her extraordinary ability to communicate and articulate the teachings of the medicine wheel, and the myriad ways it shows up in our relating and sexuality, were exquisite and inspiring. There was never a dull moment.  I’m an educator myself, and recognize a master when I hear one. It went far beyond information, as she held space and offered guidance to every kind of report, remark, and feedback that arose in this highly charged, open for expansion arena. Amara is highly intelligent, sensitive, done her own work, and sprinkles in her superb sense of humor whenever possible. And she’s adorable too.

Equally valuable to the training

Next Quodoushka Sex and Intimacy Workshop for Singles and Couples:

Phoenix January 30-February 2  

Facilitators: Amara Charles, Mukee Okan and John Kent is the presence of Karen, a woman full of aliveness, honesty, and depth. Karen carries a commanding grasp of the traditions and their meaning in our lives, often shared with poignant stories of her own experiences. She brings sincere compassion to the trainees, and sensitivity to their needs of the moment. Karen’s mix of aliveness and spunky, yet voluptuous femininity were captivating to me. And, I loved the balance that Amara and Karen dance together. It was a perfect match in energetics.

These teachers, including the assistants, were well honed and practiced. They worked together like a fine watch. Very assured in their materials, and infusing their own experience whenever possible, thus giving us more than information, but the way their subject matter has appeared in their own lives. There was great depth, insight, and passion in them that touched me as rare and precious. All of the instructors were warm and loving, available, and present. Especially useful, were the full of vim and vigor demonstrations of everything we would be practicing. There was no doubt where we could be going with the treasure chest of exercises offered.

The opportunity to play in my community, with a group of like minded, interested in their spiritual/sexual growth couples and singles, created a stage for our playing that was safe, yet wild.  The circle held fantastic strength for each other and we were full of empathy for the authentic and transparent sharing that took place regularly. Dancing with the tribe, in all of our many aspects was simply….out of this world….as meant to be.

Grace Purusha Fall 2013, Maui

Q1 Phoenix PDF Flyer (Print)

REGISTER HERE Early Single Registration

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What is Quodoushka?

Presented to thousands of people around the world since 1975, the Quodoushka 1 is a 4 day sexuality workshop for singles and couples. The program consists of transformational shamanic sexuality teachings and guided exercises to bring more care, quality and passion into your intimate life.

The ‘Q’, as it is often called, will clear away your blocks to pleasure, uplift your understanding of sex and help you create more loving intimate relationships.

Experience how the gift of your sexuality is your most powerful resource for full self expression, health, hope, happiness, harmony and humor.

Thousands of people say they have reconnected with the naturalness, the beauty, and the power of their sexuality by attending this amazing workshop.


Singles $695 $595 if paid in full by Dec 1

Couples $1300 $1195 if paid in full by Dec 1

Registration is limited and subject to confirmation. All new participants are interviewed by phone. Workshop Tuition includes Quodoushka Manual, Lunches and Snacks Thursday through Sunday. Our local Quodoushka Organizer will assist you with lodging. Once you register you will receive all the information you will need to attend, including travel assistance, workshop location and what to bring for the workshop.

To Register By Mail please read and print this Phoenix Quodoushka 1 Flyer Then fill out the information and return to the address included in the Flyer.

You can also make a $150 Deposit to reserve your space.

CANCELLATION POLICY: If you notify us more than 10 days before the event, there is a $150 non-refundable fee for office expenses. If it is less than 10 days, there is a $250 non-refundable fee.

For More Information Please Contact:

AMARA CHARLES 602 820 4661


Amara Charles is author of the Best-Selling book “The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka’


What Q Graduates have to say….

“An essential life training for all human beings whatever age. A much needed teaching to clean up the current mess/confusion around the whole area of sex/sexuality in society. I will be suggesting to my daughters that they attend Q1 as a basic life skills/education program….. Words cannot describe the importance of this teaching to mankind.”Bruce Irvine – Company Director, Auckland, New Zealand

“Having over 30 years completed a myriad of workshops, this is by far the most powerful ‘useful’ workshop for embodiment of a joyful blissful life.”Diane Ryan – Psychotherapist, Brisbane, Australia

“One of the most profound sexual healing trainings I’ve done. The usefulness and integrity of the material is a great gift.”Anna Marti – Sexual Intimacy Coach, Seattle, USA

“Truly an amazing weekend. Can’t wait to use the teachings in my life. Profound is not enough of a word to describe these teachings. World leaders should all be required to go through this in order to lead the human race.”Jim – Business Owner, Seattle, USA

“Chuluaqui Quodoushka awoke my sexual energy. It gifted me the power and knowledge to love my life in the present as a sexually empowered and motivated woman. I want to, and will do, everything to take this into my everyday life.”Helen Heatley Gilberd – Director, Auckland, New Zealand

“The Q was not only one of the most safe and supportive experience for me to learn about myself in the area of sexuality, personal awareness and being happier, but also, it supported me in being more clear in business and in all areas of my life. Very, very powerful…”DC Cordova – International Business Entrepreneur.

“I am particularly grateful at the level of safety and opportunity that your team generated. This environment gave me the opportunity to stretch, which I repeatedly felt empowered to do. So I stretched and stretched some more. I feel profoundly transformed!”Pat Muller – Psychologist.

“I arrived bruised and battered by my relationships and found a healing space with the tools to empower me in my everyday life. I found the space that revitalized me, filled me with hope, I found love for myself and the beings that surround me.”David Frost – Australia.

“I cannot begin to tell you how much the recent Q1 has changed me. I had never gone through such a profound transformative process within the course of a single weekend. I rejoice in knowing that freedom, love and great sex are my birthright.”Annette Sand – Physical Therapist.

“My life has already started the ramping-up-process. The level of intimacy that my partner and I have experienced since our return from the Q1 is remarkable. Thank-you.”Billy Western Fox – Zen Buddhist Priest.

“As the next Quodoushka workshops approach I’m wishing I were there with you guys! I’m currently setting up my business. It is extremely hard work and is taking everything I’ve got….The only reason I’ve got the power to do it, is because of you guys and the Q magic – after what you guys showed me, there’s no way I’m leaving this amazing planet with my music still inside me!”Lee Burger – UK.




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