January 22, 2015

Sex and Intimacy joins the Self Care Revolution

submitted by Amara Charles Back

Are sex and intimacy an integral part of intimate health? Of course it is! So why is it so often excluded in mainstream health conferences and why is the topic reserved for backroom conversations (where what’s really going on) is discussed by everyone?

That’s why I celebrate Dr. Robyn Benson’s bold invitation to include the topic of sex and intimate health to Doctors and Healers at the Health Clinic Santa Fe Soul in New Mexico.

Help spread the word about how the wise use of sexuality can benefit all sentient beings. Be a part of the Self Care Revolution and take care of your intimate health.

A talk with Dr. Robyn Benson after our ‘off the charts fabulous’ Shiva Shakti Workshop in Santa Fe. We introduced Shamanic ceremony to heal wounds of the past to make space for more intimacy and pleasure in our relationships. And we shared sexual restoration practices to boost libido and increase sexual energy.

Listen to my Self Care Revolution with Dr. Robyn Benson of Santa Fe Soul

Everyone loved it!

I totally resonate with Robyn’s message about taking responsibility for our health by becoming more aware and wise. I believe intimate happiness can change the world. As our relationships heal, so does the world.

In beauty

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