May 23, 2014

Scars and Tears

submitted by Amara Charles Back

Scars and Tears Claraderm Spray

by Catherine Works

The best product that I have used post birth is Young Living’s Claraderm spray. It’s a blend of, Myrrh, Frankincense, Tea Tree, Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Helichrysum in a coconut oil base. It is incredible for skin rejuvenation, especially for healing scars and tears. I used it straight on the stitches on the perineum post birth.

I used it 5-6 times per day and gently massaged it in (basically every time I went to the bathroom I sprayed it on). I went through several bottles of this in the first 2 months after birth. It’s not cheep, but its worth every penny. My scar has healed quickly, no residual pain on the scar, or the skin surrounding, and has impressed the practitioners at my checkups!


No one talks about them, but most women get them. The pressure of pushing a baby out can cause a strain in the rectal area and which causes swelling of the tissue, and even bleeding when you pass solids. They are super painful (for me it was even worse than giving birth every time you poop).
My solutions are: Sitz bath, (the hospital should give you one, or you can buy one at the pharmacy) you can add warm water and Epsom salts.

You can add a drop of essential oil to the salt before you put it in the sitz bath (any of the oils from the below blend). Its best to sit in it for 10 mins several times per day.
I found that a bit painful as I was split from top to toe and had a lot of stitches and the sitting stretched the skin a lot.

I then created a blend of oils to help with the swelling of the hemorrhoids. Oils hemIt was a blend of Helicrysum, Cypress, Geranium, Lavender and Myrrh.
Of course I use the highest quality oils available, my preferred brand is Young Living Essential Oils.

You can also simplify the blend I created to just Helicrysum, cypress and myrrh.

How to make a Hemorrhoid blend:

In a empty 5ml bottle add:
2 drops of Helicrysum,
2 drops of Cypress,
2 drops of Geranium,
2 drops of Lavender,
2 drops of Myrrh,
20 drops of carrier oil. (You need to dilute it with a carrier (fatty oil) as it is being applied to a mucous membrane and it is a very sensitive area, I use Young Livings V6 massage oil or you can use almond, olive, coconut oil etc.. to blend it in.
Shake well and let it sit for 24 hours for the oils to blend together.

I actually increased number of drops of each essential oil to 20 drops of each (instead of the 2 drops) and then added them to an empty 15ml bottle and topped it with V6 massage oil. (A 15ml bottle generally holds around 300 drops)

How I used it: I kept the bottle in the bathroom and applied a few drops of the blend to my finger and then rubbed it over the swollen area on my anus every time I went to the bathroom. Adding them to a glass spray bottle makes it apply, just a few squirts on the area.
This meant I was applying the oil 7 -10 times per day and found this helped to reduce the swelling and bleeding. I got relief in about 24 hours, but it took about a month of using the oil regularly for everything to go back to normal.


My other saving grace was taking a stool softener. (I didn’t at first, big mistake. I wcomfortoneas putting off passing any solids, not so good for you, but it hurt so much every time I did.)
I started using Young Livings Comfortone (ComforCleanse in Australia) and that helped immensely. They are capsules of herbs with essential oils added to promote healthy colon function. It helps peristalsis of the colon and softens the stools. I built it up to taking 5-6 capsules per day. I started with one and slowly built it up, till I got the results I wanted. I just listened to my body and let it feed back to me when I had enough. (ie: the runs meant I was taking too many so I backed off till I found the number that softened it enough to be comfortable to go regularly.)


How to order: If you wish to order any Young Living essential oils go to You can become a member (click on the member sign up button top right of the page) and create a wholesale account.

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Catherine Worksam is a Clinical Aromatherapist from New York City. Read her excellent blog on essential oils or contact her at:

In beauty, Amara

p.s. I am an Independent Distributor with Young Living Essential Oils because I believe they are the best product I have found on the market and they’ve proven their effectiveness, and consistent quality in countless ways.  I share them with you so you can practice educated self care and learn ways to sustain radiant health.

The information provided here is for EDUCATION PURPOSES ONLY and is in NO WAY intended to replace proper medical advice. IT IS NOT for diagnostic or prescriptive use or to be construed as instruction on how to cure or treat any condition, illness or disease.

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