“Since most of us come from families where meaningful guidance about sex was scant if it existed at all, many of us are hungry to find sensible approaches for creating healthy intimate relationships. For me, discovering the teachings and practices of Quodoushka dramatically changed the course of my life. They not only offered an inspiring system of integrated knowledge, they expanded my whole view of sex, orgasms and relationships. They helped me accept the unique characteristics of my sexual anatomy and most importantly, showed me how we can learn through pleasure in order to become more sensitive, creative lovers.”
– Amara Charles

Working with the healing power of sexual union and orgasm, Quodoushka offers a path to repair emotional wounds and sexual insecurities, revive monotonous relationships, discover our true sensual selves through understanding our unique sexual anatomy type, and discover the sweet medicine of sex.

Quodoushka 1 consists of transformational shamanic sexuality teachings and guided exercises to bring more care, quality and passion into your intimate life. The ‘Q’, as it is often called, clears away your blocks to pleasure, uplifts your understanding of sex, and gives you amazing tools to create more loving, intimate relationships. You may attend Q1 as a single or with a partner.

In Quodoushka 1 you will:

  • Shift your entire paradigm around sex and sexuality.
  • Heal wounding, beliefs and perceptions that may be blocking you from living an ecstatic life.
  • Learn how to move beyond tension release and disconnected sex into having more heart-felt, deeply loving orgasmic experiences.
  • Practice exercises to reach higher levels of orgasm, renew relationships and discover the healing power of sex.
  • Discover how your sexual energy is your aliveness — the energy of creation expressed through you.
  • Learn how to perform powerful sexual healing energetic work with the chakras and light body.
  • Most of all, Quodoushka instructors are highly skilled teachers who create a safe place where you can accept yourself for who you really are.

If you’re interested in feeling the full beauty and power of your sacred life force energy and you’d like to make profound shifts in your world, then you are ready for a Quodoushka 1.

Quodoushka 2 shows you how to use your new found connection to your core sexual energy in order heal the rift between men and women. You will release deeply held resentments that hold you back and start to break through the armor that keeps from fully feeling sexual pleasure. You will also learn detailed shamanic lover’s techniques to share with a partner – whether you are in a relationship or are looking for one. As in the Q1, you may attend Q2 as a single or with a partner.

The Quodoushka 2 takes you on a shamanic journey to cut through the pretenses and defenses you’ve built against the opposite sex. It will help you understand how ways you’ve tried to protect yourself have also prevented so much pleasure and joy. The profound ceremony will inspire you find the courage to express what you truly need in order to enjoy a healthy sexual life. You will return home knowing how to make clear sexual agreements that work for you as well how to sustain more passionate and kindhearted intimacy in the bedroom and beyond. The Q2 will not only enhance your sex life; it will infuse all your relationships with much more compassion, love and joy.

Quodoushka 2 will help you:

  • Shift your entire paradigm around sexual relationships
  • Embrace your sexual energy to heal the rift between men and women.
  • Get clear about what you want and what you don’t want in your intimate life
  • Communicate your truth and create sexual agreements that work for you
  • Release deeply held resentments that hold you back from fully feeling your sexual pleasure.
  • Practice exercises to reach higher levels of orgasm and ecstasy
  • Discover practical ways to call forth and use sexual energy wisely.
  • Learn amazing shamanic lover’s techniques to share with a partner – whether you are in a relationship or are looking for one.
  • And as always, the Q2 gives you permission to really accept yourself for who you are while giving you a safe sacred place to explore.

Quodoushka 1 is a prerequisite for this workshop.

By embodying the gifts of your sexual clarity, beauty and power, the Quodoushka 3 awakens deep compassion and universal love between intimate couples.

At this level, you attend with a partner to stir and awaken the magic of your relationship and bring the teachings and experiences you gained from the preceding Qs to a whole new level. The Q3 offers even more detailed instruction about how to harness the energy we experience during higher levels of orgasm. You will experience how heightened awareness of our sexual giving and receiving paves the way for being able to ride the spontaneous waves of dharmic relationships. Q3 is an introduction to sexual magic, where you learn how to direct healing forces of your sexual energy for your self, life and others.

Quodoushka 3 you will:

  • Shift your entire paradigm around what sex could be – it will change in this workshop!
  • You and your partner will be guided to experience blissful places of profound union you may have never known before.
  • Practice exercises to reach higher levels of orgasm, ecstasy and universal oneness
  • Learn to direct that awareness to manifest your heart’s desires.
  • Discover and explore your deepest sexual hungers while learning fascinating shamanic lovemaking techniques to delight your lover into states of profound ecstasy.
  • And as always, the Q3 gives you permission to really accept yourself for who you are while giving you a safe sacred place to explore and expand with your partner.

Quodoushka 1 and 2 are prerequisites that must be done by you and your partner in order to attend this Q3 workshop.

Quodoushka 4 takes you to the depths of love and passion with your partner. It stretches the horizon of your sacred, intimate union into and beyond your personal understanding and satisfaction. It shows you how to direct the full intensity of your sexual love and guides you through the doorways of ecstasy for the benefit of all life.

The entire journey of Quodoushka develops the healing energies of sex – not only for ourselves, but reveals how through personal lovemaking, as we increase our own self acceptance, self worth and self love, we spread greater health, hope, happiness, harmony and humor through our relationships, families and communities to benefit all. When we enter lovemaking with awareness of the power, beauty and healing energies we generate – we heal each other, we heal our world.

Quodoushka 4 guides you to liberate the powerful energies of sex with greater responsibility and wisdom. You will learn how to give fully as a lover and experience how your sexual pleasure connects you with all the worlds of Grandmother Earth.

Quodoushka 1, 2 and 3 are prerequisites that must be done by you and your partner in order to attend this workshop.

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Upcoming Quodoushka Workshops

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You may attend Quodoushka 1 and 2 as a single or attend with a partner. For Quodoushka 3 and 4 you must attend with a partner.
Many people ask this question because they think, “oh, I can’t explore anything about my sexuality until I have a partner.”

I would say, please do not wait to have a partner to attend a Quodoushka!

It’s a common relationship mistake to think that our sexual sense of self comes from outside. The truth is, our life force energy is ours, and until we feel good, whole and healthy in our own skin, and learn to accept ourselves – we will always have trouble receiving pleasure from someone else. And there is so much to explore about ourselves sexually.

If you attend as a single, (even if you have a partner), you will untangle so many beliefs about sex, and get so clear about your own feelings that you will return to your everyday life with such an attractive glow about you that people will ask you what happened? (We hear this all the time.)

But most important, you will not only be blessed with a temporary glow, you will learn practical intimate communication skills that will enhance your relationships for a lifetime.

That’s why I say “Do not wait to attend a Quodoushka.” If you attend as a single now you’ll be in a much better place within your self to find, attract, or rekindle a current relationship.
Of course you can come with your partner, and if you choose, you can do all the exercises together to share an exquisite and profound healing space for your relationship. The Quodoushka experience is simply an amazing, intimate way to celebrate your union. You will learn ways to talk about and make clear sexual agreements around things most of us often mistakenly take for granted.

We’ve even had couples whom chose to come to Quodoushka to celebrate their honeymoon, and to recharge a ‘broken’ relationship.

If you think you already know what your partner likes and wants it’s more than likely not exactly so. All partners can benefit from learning more, especially about yourself first. There’s so much that happens in both QI and QII that will give you practical insights about how to shift habits and patterns that keep you stuck in doing the same things over and over in your intimate life.

While we cannot guarantee Quodoushka will fix every issue in your relationship, we can say you will receive the tools to create enduring and more fulfilling sexual intimacy.
It’s often the case that one partner wants to go and one is not ready. I always say, if that’s the case, one of you should go, make clear agreements, and then share what you’ve learned with your beloved when you return. If you need help doing this, our staff is here to help you before and after the Q.

Many times when one partner goes, later, when they’ve seen the positive changes, the other partner wants to attend! Then you can have one go as a single, or you can both come to experience the Quodoushka together.
Yes! Quodoushka celebrates the full gender spectrum.

Quodoushka celebrates wherever you are across the gender spectrum. When we refer to ‘man’, it means ’the masculine’ and ‘woman’ means ’the feminine’. Referring to ‘man’ and ‘woman’ makes it easier to get the teachings across by keeping it simple. Quodoushka fully embraces LGBTQ. The teachings and practices shared in this workshop are beneficial to all gender preferences.

Quodoushka is open to all sexual orientations. We honor and teach that we all have a choice about what kind of relationship we could best learn and grow from. It’s one of the most accepting and loving spaces you will find to celebrate, share and express who you truly are.

If you have questions or concerns about how you would like to participate, our staff is ready to help you before, during, and after the Q.
We take great care to create a sexually safe environment, and we fully advocate and practice safe sexual practices.
This is the next big question. First of all, in all Quodoushka workshops there is never anything that you must do, it is all voluntary. There’s so many things in our sexuality that we do because other people told us to, or because other people wanted something. Sometimes we were not sure what we wanted, and sometimes we didn’t know how to say no and maybe regretted that. All these sorts of things happen in our intimate life.

That’s why one of the focuses in the Q1 is getting to YOUR OWN “YES! This is what I want.” And, about getting clear about YOUR OWN “NO. This is not what I want.”
The Q1 experience is about learning to feel, clarify and express what we want in our intimate life. And it’s a chance to practice saying it.

This is a round about way of saying that there will never be anything in a Quodoushka workshop that you need to do if you don’t want to. You will always have the choice every step of the way. So with nudity, you may practice everything clothed, or you may choose to do the exercises without clothing. That’s entirely up to you. I will say that the vast majority of people who come to Quodoushka experience a level of safety and respect with a group they’ve never felt in their lives. So, if you’re nervous about that, please don’t worry, a lot of other people are too. The most important thing is that Quodoushka is a safe place to practice making and expressing your own sexual agreements.

I think the hidden question is, and perhaps the question people want to ask but often shy away from, is about the other people. They wonder if there will be sexual advances, or if there will be sexually explicit things going on.

Firstly, our trained staff speaks directly to every person who attends Quodoushka to determine whether they are ready to attend upon registration and there are no sexually explicit exercises in Q1 or Q2. We do have frank discussions about sexuality, orgasm and sexual anatomy, and there are exercises that involve touch. We encourage an atmosphere where it is okay to talk about, feel and express orgasmic energy, and each person is at choice with how they make agreements and do each exercise.
First, every exercise is demonstrated, then you practice the exercise with a partner, and then we gather to discuss what we learned. Some exercises are solo, some are with a partner, and some we do together as a group.
Revealing these once-secret teachings for the first time, Quodoushka explains the physical, energetic, and sexual qualities of the nine male and female sexual anatomy types such as Coyote Man or Buffalo Woman and how to identify and best please each type as well as take pride in your own unique sexual anatomy. LGBTQ identify with your unique sexual anatomy in addition to the energy of that anatomy type, and how that translates in your sexual relating.

Quodoushka also describing the nine variations of orgasmic expression from avalanche to forest fire and provides exercises for greater sexual pleasure and increased orgasmic intensity, including the Chakra Merging exercise, a method for reaching a full-body orgasm through breathwork.
While we do not provide a schedule for Quodoushka, this is the general flow of the 3 1/2 day workshop (unless it is an extended Q).

Please Note: These are just the bare bones of what happens in Quodoushka. (I have intentionally left out some of the most unique, fun and special things that happen during the weekend. Why? Because some people just love to be surprised).

Also each Quodoushka Teacher may position topics and exercises in their own unique way. Every Quodoushka Workshop includes these essential teachings, exercises and practices:

First Evening
We open with introductions and a history of where the Quodoushka teachings come from. We do a few spoken teachings on relationship choices, and we use these teachings to share and listen to everyone’s intent for being here. This is followed by a ceremony to help everyone set their own intention for the weekend.

We also create specific agreements for the group including the rules for safety and confidentiality. This ensures our rules of engagement during the weekend provide a safe container and a safe environment for each person to learn about and explore their sexuality.

First Day
We begin with morning teachings to open our senses and balance our energy.
This is followed with exercises that bring these teachings into the body, such as chakra balancing as well as other exercises; which show us how to use our energy centers.

We serve a beautiful lunch each day.

The rest of the day is devoted to expanding our concept and awareness of what sexual energy is and what it isn’t. The afternoon is filled with more teachings about how we can feel, sense and use our energy centers in very specific ways to expand our awareness of self, life and others.

The evening is devoted to a demonstration and a Shamanic healing practice used to clear away blocks and pave the way for being able to feel more pleasure in the body.

We go late into the evening taking advantage of the time together.

Second Day
This is an amazing day of discovering new things about your sexual self.

There are interactive teachings and healing exercises to help us ground, feel and express a more empowered sense of self. Teachings during the morning provide answers to questions about why we sometimes react so childishly, or with so much negative emotion when it comes to intimacy and sex. We start the day with practical tools to help us see ourselves with more awareness so we can wake up and take responsibility for what we want.

The afternoon is devoted to a very special Shamanic ceremony that is designed to help you lift deeply held layers of shame and guilt about your sexuality.

The evening‘s exercise and ceremony is designed to bring out different faces of your lover’s persona, and is designed to help you accept and feel worthy of more pleasure in your life.

Third Day
Part of the last day is devoted to learning amazing things about orgasms, levels of orgasms, and types of orgasms. There’s also ample space given to sharing and express the things we’ve learned and gained.

One of the most significant things that happen in every Quodoushka is that you will have the chance to hear other people’s journey; what they’ve gained and what they’re giving away. In fact, sharing personal blocks, defeats and victories is one of the hidden treasures that happens in every Quodoushka, and it’s also where much of the healing happens, for we realize again and again, we are not alone.

Plus, sharing within the Q matrix is profoundly uplifting, for you will not hear or experience these kinds of amazing intimate breakthroughs anywhere else in the world.

Our final closing ceremonies are designed to help us ground our gains and seal the love to take it home into all our relations.
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Testimonials – What graduates have
to say about Quodoushka


“An essential life training for all human beings whatever age. A much needed teaching to clean up the current mess/confusion around the whole area of sex/sexuality in society. I will be suggesting to my daughters that they attend Q1 as a basic life skills/education program. Words cannot describe the importance of this teaching to mankind.”

Bruce Irvine – Company Director, Auckland, New Zealand

“Having over 30 years completed a myriad of workshops, this is by far the most powerful ‘useful’ workshop for embodiment of a joyful blissful life.”

Diane Ryan – Psychotherapist, Brisbane, Australia

“One of the most profound sexual healing trainings I’ve done. The usefulness and integrity of the material is a great gift.”

Anna Marti – Sexual Intimacy Coach, Seattle, USA

“Truly an amazing weekend. Can’t wait to use the teachings in my life. Profound is not enough of a word to describe these teachings. World leaders should all be required to go through this in order to lead the human race.”

Jim – Business Owner, Seattle, USA

“Chuluaqui Quodoushka awoke my sexual energy. It gifted me the power and knowledge to love my life in the present as a sexually empowered and motivated woman. I want to, and will do, everything to take this into my everyday life.”

Helen Heatley Gilberd – Director, Auckland, New Zealand

“The Q was not only one of the most safe and supportive experience for me to learn about myself in the area of sexuality, personal awareness and being happier, but also, it supported me in being more clear in business and in all areas of my life. Very, very powerful…”

DC Cordova – International Business Entrepreneur

“I am particularly grateful at the level of safety and opportunity that your team generated. This environment gave me the opportunity to stretch, which I repeatedly felt empowered to do. So I stretched and stretched some more. I feel profoundly transformed!”

Pat Muller – Psychologist

“I arrived bruised and battered by my relationships and found a healing space with the tools to empower me in my everyday life. I found the space that revitalized me, filled me with hope, I found love for myself and the beings that surround me.”

David Frost – Australia

“I cannot begin to tell you how much the recent Q1 has changed me. I had never gone through such a profound transformative process within the course of a single weekend. I rejoice in knowing that freedom, love and great sex are my birthright.”

Annette Sand – Physical Therapist

“My life has already started the ramping-up-process. The level of intimacy that my partner and I have experienced since our return from the Q1 is remarkable. Thank-you.”

Billy Western Fox – Zen Buddhist Priest

“As the next Quodoushka workshops approach I’m wishing I were there with you guys! I’m currently setting up my business. It is extremely hard work and is taking everything I’ve got. The only reason I’ve got the power to do it, is because of you guys and the Q magic – after what you guys showed me, there’s no way I’m leaving this amazing planet with my music still inside me!”

Lee Burger – UK
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