Sexual Agreements eBook by Amara Charles


We’re living in a time where we as a species are opening up to other possibilities in our sexual relationships. People are feeling more free, more open, and more curious about what’s possible to create in their intimate relationships, however they often do not know where to begin. Sexual Agreements is a book that will guide you to establishing boundaries and creating agreements that will help you fulfill your sexual desires.



Co – Create Empowered Agreements for Open or Monogamous Relationship

Author of the #1 Best Selling Book, The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka, wrote this book after introducing Spiritual Sexuality in workshops around the world. What she witnessed was that many times after a workshop, when people are feeling more free, more open, and more curious about what’s possible to create in their intimate relationships, they often do not know where to begin. So while many people might like to create more satisfying relationships, she saw that they really don’t have a guide, a map, or a blueprint to starting fresh. Good, clear, and most of all, honest sexual agreements are in fact the very foundation of any viable, healthy relationship. Without sexual harmony, everything else suffers. Amara believes success in our intimate life can change the world, one relationship at a time and is the reason why she wrote this guide to creating Sexual Agreements.

With empowered Sexual Agreements in place, who knows how many relationships could be lifted to the next level of happiness, pleasure and compassion?

What You Will Learn:

  • Common mistakes people make and how to effectively communicate and create agreements that will uplift your relationships.
  • Common misunderstandings of boundaries vs. agreements and how to establish both to empower you, your partner and your relationships so that you can fulfill sexual desires in a safe and mutually respectful place.
  • How to honor your feelings through the agreement making process so that it doesn’t cloud the true outcome you desire.
  • How to identify what you desire that will fulfill you sexually and tactics for communicating that to your partner.


“Sexual Agreements is one of the best books I have ever read on relationships. It is simple, straight forward, and really helps couples figure what they want in their sex life. I cannot say that I have found anything else like it in the realm of self-help books. I feel it is a must read for anyone wanting to figure out and navigate their sex life!”

– Laurie Handlers, Sexpert, Author, Film Producer, Talk Show Host

“Sexuality and relationships are two of the most important life issues. For those who feel they need to rethink and restructure their approach to sexuality and relationships, this book by Amara is an excellent resource.”

– J. Diaz

“We are living in a period of expanding tolerance for trying new sexual options, and within most cultures, we can explore alternative kinds of relationships,” she explains. “Although some attempts of living non-conventional life styles may lead to some frustrations, the present environment of relative tolerance does allow for true personal investigations where more individual choices and more sexual openness can be shared.

Whatever options a person may be considering, this book clearly provides a starting point for establishing a framework to investigate and engage in new sexual explorations.”

– Hsi Lai, Author of The Sexual Secrets of the White Tigress


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