Women’s Health – Premium, High Quality Mayan Jade Egg

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We searched the world for the best jade eggs we could find, and chose to import our premium quality jade eggs directly from Guatemala. They are gorgeous high-quality Mayan jade eggs that are sanitary with a drilled hole for use with string for easy insertion and removal.
Sexual Agreements

Printed Book: Sexual Agreements by Amara Charles

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We're living in a time where we as a species are opening up to other possibilities in our sexual relationships. People are feeling more free, more open, and more curious about what's possible to create in their intimate relationships, however they often do not know where to begin. Sexual Agreements is a book that will guide you to establishing boundaries and creating agreements that will help you fulfill your sexual desires.  

The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka by Amara Charles

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Based on ancient Mayan, Olmec, and Toltec teachings passed down through the generations by the Twisted Hair Nagual Elders of the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path, the practice of Quodoushka offers practical guidance on sex, intimacy, and relationships as well as the gift of our unique sexual anatomy type and how to reach higher levels of orgasm and sexual ecstasy.